I didn't join the beta test until about halfway through, which would probably be why my characters weren't put in the list. I'll just put them down as a general idea and let the others handle the storytelling (my memory isn't always the best for these sort of things). I've mostly just been playing the factions that had been new at the time to help Dariun find any kinks.

Cannonball Carl: Drunkarrd who specializes in Rollin' Thunder. Had both shins chopped off for learning Rub Some Cheetah's Blood On It through very blatant theft and replaced them with pegs. Claims to fame include being as dense as a brick, breaking ships with his face and subsequently forgetting how to do so much damage in one hit (Rollin' Thunder got a damage cap due to me), being easily insulted into unconsciousness, throwing tanks at people, outrunning a motorcycle, and being the only person in his group that doesn't have an alcohol addiction.

One With Nothing: Feykinja infiltrator. So good at creating false identities, he actually forgot his real one (until recently). Backstory-wise, he'd actually been tailing the group for most of the adventure in disguise, including Frederick Forge's assistant, Kyle Crucible. He'd been hired out to kidnap Tallahassee, and he spends months ingratiating himself with the target. Naturally, another Feykinja kidnaps her before he makes his move and he joins the group to get her back and get revenge on his employer, the head of the Gambler's guild. Notable feats include fighting said guild head on two different occasions in the OWN Zone (and getting himself knocked well below -100 life both times), trolling people to such an extent that ****head Ned actually regarded him as a friend, and mind-controlling the Weasel King to punch its summoner...twice.