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See "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for an example of what violating this rule tends to result in?
......sorry, I don't get it.

Well, it DOES involve extra actions, but you might want to look at my True Haste spell for how to do extra actions in a more balanced way.
Interesting. Not sure if it's entirely what I'm looking for here, but definitely something to consider.

For Candy Lover, note that Goodberry doesn't produce anything, it merely enchants pre-existing berries.
Changed so that it produces candy.
Awesome Costume is probably very breakable... but that is hardly your fault.
Working on making it less so at the moment, but not entirely sure how to implement ideas without nerfing the feat.
Pumpkin Bomb's probably needs to specify times "per day" rather than times per unspecified time period.
I would do Bombs per day, except in that case, I would probably give them more Bombs, as with that feat, I'm going for a kind of Green Goblin/Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hallow throwing pumpkin bombs frequently, but not too much so.
Range Touch or Reflex Half would also be nice.