Dammit, Makiru, I was going to get to Carl!

Anyway, next up on the list of characters from the beta is a person who my own character in the low point party firmly believes is the most idiotic creature ever created. This... THING represents the greatest terror that ninjas have presented to what little sanity the world has left. I speak, as my fellow testers will have guessed by now, of the man-child known as...


Ever thought what the combined stupidity of every shonen action hero ever would be like? This is it. He has turned team fights into free-for-alls, is responsible for the Level 5 "Dearest Friends", and is definitive proof that, no matter how bad the character's stats may seem, good roleplaying can and normally will make the character a force to be reckoned with.

For the basic crunch, this little monster is a Shoninja/Lucky that just tends to out-tank most opposition thanks to a high will score and both Lucky abilities and lucky dice rolls. His favored attacks, when he's not distracted from combat by making snow men, have been "Strike the Forbidden Zone" and "Justice Barrage", normally going for the groin-kick first. This counters his main motivation for combat, which is that he fights people because if he wins that means they are his friend, right?

He's also the party's main user of "Bull's Red Cape", which capitalizes on the character's naturally annoying qualities.

Now that you know a bit more about him, here's a few of his accomplishments. (You'll see what I meant about the lucky rolls thing) In no particular order, he has: Tried to sneak into a guarded office while yelling "SNEAK SNEAK SNEAK" and succeeded, Get kidnapped then escape the kidnapper when said kidnapper threw him out of a window while attempting interrogation, establish a rivalry with the local paper boy named Timmy, and did I mention that at least half of his uses of Dearest Friends has been so that he can fight what he summons or team up with it against everyone including his own teammates.

He's also managed to come to the conclusion that the lucky known as "Black Cat" must be him from the future. "Black Cat" has also come to believe this when the two met and came up with this idea. Everyone else in the party has figured out that this is just those two being total idiots. There has also been a rumor that he is the long lost son of a particular Drunkarrd that I will no doubt summarize in a later post. Or Kiroth6 can do it, since that Drunkarrd is her character after all.