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    Quote Originally Posted by Fri View Post
    You know, your grasp in anatomy might actually better than mine. Anyway, I really don't know what else to say to improve your works beside, hm... Maybe, could you smooth your figurines more? If they're smooth, I bet they'll actually look like something people would pay to have.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fri View Post
    I bet they'll actually look like something people would pay to have.


    Seriously though, thank you .
    I have been aiming for a commisionable standard of quality and it's nice to hear i might actually get there at some point.
    As for smoothing, i tried sandpaper on some scraps but it leaves nasty scratches. Thus far the best method seems to be a wet blunt sculpting tool, sort of smear it even. Gloss varnish might also give a more 'finished' look as well as hide any slight bumps and such.

    There's still the whole eye-thingy. I tried leaving out the lower border from the sculpt for this piece o' practice:

    Does that look any better?

    Anatomy-wise, sculpting gets to take the easymode IMO. I can always make them to the same proportions, no need to worry about foreshortening and other perspective techniques that drawings have to apply .
    If i mess a leg, i can just nudge it around a bit until it looks good instead of erasing and starting over. A strenght of the medium i'd say.

    Also, CHA-CHA-CHALLENGE time (theme being food):
    "Everybody was Cook-Fu fighting..."

    "Those meals were fast as lightning..."

    "In fact it was a little bit frightning..."

    "But they cooked with expert timing..."

    Not food related, but it's not like all of them have to be right? So a hoplite:

    Counting in either Kamina or Hakumen, that makes the weekly quota. Kinda early, but thats what happens when inspiration strikes .
    Had a bit of trouble balancing the second dude, so i forgot the cube. It's about as tall as the first.
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