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    Paladin Academy: Part 45

    Viola's charge did not falter one bit, even with Grim's statement. She gripped her sword tightly as both she and Kurama lunged at Grim. Grim smiled even more maliciously as a wave of dark mist materialized in front of him and proceeded to throw itself at them as a wall of darkness.

    Kurama was pushed back from the dark tide, but Viola swung her sword and managed to cut a hole for her to squeeze through. She didn't look around to see if Kurama was okay. Her focus and attention was all directed on Grim. Grim's expression hardened a bit as more darkness materialized into a long strand of darkness in addition to another wall forming. It whipped itself in Viola's direction as if to cut her in half. Everything moved in slow motion as Viola swung her sword upwards to cut the strand in darkness in half, causing it to evaporate. As her sword still arced upwards, Viola tightened her right hand into a fist. Feeling the warmth spread throughout her hand, she threw her hand out and punched right through the wall of darkness. What resistance it had evaporated at her touch and her hand carried forward to hit Grim squarely on the jaw.

    Grim stumbled backwards as Viola quickly regained her balance. She took a step forward and raised her sword again, ready to strike. Suddenly, she felt something wrap around her leg and held her back, causing her to stumble. Grim had recovered at that time and swung his sword upwards at her. Instinctively, she rolled away from the sword, but knew she was too late. She felt the force of the blow push her backwards onto the floor. She realized then that another strand of darkness had materialized and wrapped itself around her ankle. A faint tingling on her cheek caused her to reach up unconsciously. She felt a warm, sticky liquid between her fingers and pulled her hand back to see blood. Only then was she aware of the cut on her cheek that was dangerously close to her eye. She realized then, that it was only Rabbit's training that had caused her to avoid the worse of the blow.

    Grim turned to face her and she felt the strand pull tight, anchoring her to the floor. She tried to get her sword up to block, but she felt another strand wrap around her wrist, anchoring that down as well. She watched helplessly as Grim swung his sword down, aiming right for her chest. In mid swing, another sword swung around and caught Grim's side. Grim reacted with a yell of pain as Viola saw the wound quickly turn to red ice. Grim backed up to glare at Kurama who was preparing himself for another swing. The dark mist was submerging Grim's side as Grim raised his sword to block Kurama. It was however immediately apparent that Kurama was going for more than just a swing. His body carried him past where the two swords met and his hand grabbed Grim's shoulder tightly. Instantly, and icy mist began to do battle with the dark mist as the two men became shrouded in them.

    Viola jerked at the two dark strands holding her in place, before concentrating. Feeling the warmth spread throughout her, the strands melted away, allowing her to stand up. She then looked at the mist, seeing the glowing outlines of Kurama and Grim wrestling. With the mist being split nearly half and half, Viola charged for the dark mist part. spreading the warm feeling throughout her body, she dove through the mist and grabbed onto Grim as well. Grim yelled in frustration and surprise as he tried to throw both of them off. Yet Viola managed to cling on with no chance of letting go, and she could sense that Kurama was the same way.

    Viola then felt the pressure of the darkness intensify, pushing down at her ever harder. Suddenly, Grim started moving backwards, as if to try and slide himself out of their grips. Viola and Kurama continued to hold on, as they suddenly felt their feet leave the floor. With the sound of the elements clashing with each other, Viola sensed that Grim flipped over the side of the balcony and they were now falling down the side of the fortress. The flipped around in mid air, neither one of them letting go of Grim as the three of them raced downwards. Viola felt their trajectory shift rapidly, and she realized Grim was trying to use the darkness to right himself. However, with Kurama's mist and her sound, they were preventing the darkness from making real progress.

    As they fell further, Grim's frustration reached the breaking point. Gathering himself together, it felt like he was suddenly exploding as darkness burst out from him. It was all they could do to hold on as the darkness raced past them, trying to peel them off. Then, the darkness found a hole in the elements and erupted from it with amazing force. This seemed to catch Grim by surprise as they suddenly made a 90 degree turn and were flying sideways. Almost instantly, they crashed through what felt like a window. The glass shattered and flew as the three of them tumbled inside.

    Viola felt herself come in contact with something hard up to waist height and it peeled her off as Grim and Kurama raced past. She fell over backwards onto the ground with the air knocked out of her. Gasping for breath, she slowly made her way back up onto her knees. Opening her eyes, she saw that she collided with a large desk while Grim and Kurama had tumbled over it. She slowly pulled herself up, and saw that Grim and Kurama were doing the same, having been separated finally.

    Viola nearly froze in shock as she beheld which room it was. The unmistakable decorations of Mordokai's office looked back at them all. With a lurch in her stomach, Viola realized that it was here that she first met both of Grim and Kurama.
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