Update 43

[The Moff]

Had fun at NexusStock, developed a crush on Taul from Mortal Coil, generally being Moffish.

[Happy Amakirr]

Babysitting the island children offscreen. Probably will retire there.

[Turtle Brightember / Darcy Diavolo]

Went on a few dates with Zanny. When she didn't interfere with brainwashing the mobs, got confronted by Darkcomet and accused of being a traitor. DC took her to Watchtower and probed her mind, discovering that her barbarian 'clan loyalty' has compromised her spy mission. She doesn't feel protective of AMEN as a whole, but does feel loyal to some of the members. Jack and Gordon are not that list.

Darkcomet decided against brutally mindwiping her and destroying the Darcy persona, and then (probably unwisely) admitted to Darcy that he'd been considering it. She did not take this well. She agreed to stay in touch with Watchtower, but told DC she didn't want him in her mind again (not that she has any means of keeping him out). She was released after promising she would return to watch for electronic communication gear before going back to AMEN.

About this time, Zanny turned up to find her, and she left with him and told him about being a shapeshifter and spy. Still traumatized by the thought of being mindwiped, she asked to spend the night with Zanny, the need for physical comfort overriding her sense that it was too soon to take that step. They went to Trog's 2nd Floor where much fun was had.

[Sunny Evans]

Turned to Vengeance for help in destroying The Cat, and was horrified when that made him relive everything that had been done to her, as well as everyone else at the Apocacon. Even more horrified that it was all for nothing when his mission failed.

When Suffering showed up, a much older and stronger Emotion, Sunny saw what would happen if she accepted its offer. She would become much stronger, yes, but at the price of accepting victimhood as her identity. Of allowing that to be the thing that defines her. Rejecting Suffering utterly, she spit in its face then tried to shoot it. Finally she returned to her lab where she stayed up all night working on... something.

[Charity Evans]

During the Ebonocalypse, she coordinated with the Empire to create 5 giant portals in different parts of the city to allow citizens to evacuate to GLoG. This used up every bit of her magic, which so far hasn't recharged, and has left her unable to draw or paint at all.

While she helped with the evacuation, Edijar was in a different part of the city and joined forces with Mortal Coil to help destroy the undead. After it was all over, he told Charity he had returned to duty, fearful that she would take the news badly. Though she clearly wasn't happy about his decision, she didn't try to talk him out of it. She still really hates seeing him in his combat armor though.

[Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War]

The only middle school student ever to bring her consort, her husband, and her husband's lover to Spirit Day. Managed to steal some liquid reality, which she scooped up in a stolen High School Musical pencil case.

[Molly Fitzhenry]

At school, behaving herself.

[Coralie / Eve]

Helped Reinholdt escape from Ebon Mirror.

Was called on again when Reinholdt was taken by Vengeance. Coralie learned that Reinholdt had been a very bad kitteh, but Eve kept her from hearing the details. Vengeance released his claim on Reinholdt to Eve, in exchange for her help in finding Reinholdt Prime. Eve is rather put out to find herself in the punishment business, but has no choice but to make a good faith effort to see justice done. If she doesn't, then the deal would be invalid, and Vengeance free to come after Reinholdt again.


Hanging around NO, mostly idle.

[The Trickster]

The Trickster Bunny has been wandering around stirring up random trouble and pranks.

[Winslow Warwick / Willow Warwick]

Saw Magtok get taken by Doctor Stroffelnburg, and went to the asylum to give enough information to keep Maggy committed for a long time, spinning some ridiculous yarn about Regina. Ended up getting committed himself. After getting permission to write a letter home, he slipped in some innocuous looking details that led to his teenage daughter Willow teeming up with Magtok to try and stage a rescue. Which she's trying to do now.


A young woman who was rescued by the cult of Dalachrech from the Ebonocalypse and ended up joining. She has a crush on Terrowin, which she hasn't acted on, and is busy learning Abyssal.


Used telewarp portals to rescue Elly and Magtok from lethal measures used to prevent them from stealing a paddleboat. Tried to kill Riv by portaling his own laser into his skull, then sent a Mainframebot to negotiate. The bot was destroyed by Rae about a minute after its arrival.

[Basil Oscar Tia Acacia Vasilisa Cecily Jedwiga Ghavrion Ostari Elves Winslow Warwick Hannah Snow Mainframe Elias Larmette Dr Ferris Fitzhenry Peter Raven George Shackleton Dag Ingasson]

Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen