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    I was wanting to wait longer to tell you all about this particular character. Its not because he has done incredibly awesome things and I wanted to save the best for last. I was waiting because, well, I don't like talking about my own characters too much because I can't seem to shut myself up.

    On to introducing this guy to you all. Prior to Cannonball Carl and a yet-to-be-revealed character joining the low-points, he was the lone Pirate at the party. There is no such thing as too many AoE's, and this gunnar has frequently shown off a bad habit of hitting his allies as much as he hits friendlies, and causing excessive damage to the environment regardless of how many people he's fighting. He is...

    Overkillin' Oliver

    This is the smartest member of the low-point party. He's also mostly illiterate. Oliver's a Gunnar with a variety of Carpentaar, Craftsmen, and Alchemist skills who started out with Bullet #9 as his favorite attack and switched over to spamming Salty Peter's Hidden Arsenal later. His greatest drawback, aside from the fact that he is incredibly greedy, is his 1 agility. This guy cannot dodge, and stealth isn't really his cup of grog, so he settles for setting everything on fire with Jack of All Planes, causing explosions, building ridiculous gadgets, firing rapid-fire weapons, and launching Indigar out of cannons.

    So, what has he done? Well, he did corner the market on a poison antidote in one town. Said monopoly incidentally helped the campaign's BBEG. He's also invented the PvN universe's first camera, trolled the Lord of Parries himself, and he has done enormous amounts of collateral damage to at least 3/4 of the towns the party has gone to. He has proven to be the closest thing the low-point party has to a skill monkey, constructs indestructible prosthetic limbs, and cut off his own hands just to acquire more guns and explosives.

    Aside from that, most of his best moments come from team-ups with other characters, which I will focus on later once the entire cast of our low-point party is introduced... unless you want me to go into detail on the high-points, too.

    Also, contrary to what Makiru said, Carl isn't the only one without an alcohol addiction in the low-points. Shante doesn't, Dearest Friend doesn't, and Oliver doesn't (though you wouldn't be able to tell based on how he acts.).
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