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    Default Final Fantasy d6 (Complete System)

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    Drop me a line if you have any insights regarding these things in particular!
    • Paladins are a little too good currently. This is known and will be fixed.
    • Black Mage innate ability isn't fun right now. I hated taking away their extra damage, but giving nothing in return was lame. Open to suggestions.
    • Gambler risk vs reward payouts on Slots. The odds of winning right now are about 42%. In actual practice do you feel like the ability is worth using regularly?
    • Errata: Flawless Spell should read 'Each time Flawless Spell is taken it grants one additional use of the same spell but still only a maximum of only once per round.' Currently the sentence ends abruptly.
    • Errata: Samurai's Break Arts now require a standard action and an opposed force/finesse roll, not an attack vs AVD.
    • Errata: Multi-hit spells - such as Comet and Trine - are game-breakingly overpowered in conjunction with certain job abilities.
    • Errata: The Confuse status effect is less brutal now - A result of 1 causes the user to act non-sensically, a result of 2-3 means they temporarily fight for the other side, and on a 4-6 the afflicted character/creature may act normally.

    This is a completely standalone system at over 250 pages, with a power level much closer to Exalted than Dungeons and Dragons.

    In my time working with the Final Fantasy-verse, I've developed a theory that I'd like to share with you.
    It takes a special kind of love to tackle a project of this magnitude and still finish it without absolutely loathing the source material. I've received 'helpful' emails explaining (in rather graphic detail) the reproductive cycle of the Seeq. I've been told the system is garbage because I didn't include a segment on how buster swords are the bestest weapons ever. I've spent sleepless nights poring over hundreds of wikipedia articles and sat beside a flickering Nintendo DS screen taking notes on fauna.

    And yet, after all that, I still find going, "HELL yes," when Snow in FFXIII - quite conceivably one of the worst games ever made - takes out guards on his elemental...motorbike summon. I still crack a smile at "You spoony bard!" And I don't even bat an eye when I need to grind underwater foosball for fifty hours to get a character's ultimate weapon.

    The FFd6 started as a project because I was dissatisfied with the other options out there. It saw completion because it was a labor of love. I hope someone out there gets some use out of it.
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