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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 33

    Aya: So, what would you wish for, Ms. Keine?

    Keine: ...Hm?

    The sun had fallen, and the village was covered with the curtain of night. Keine, Aya, and Akyu were wandering aimlessly around the village, deep in conversation.

    What do you mean by "wish"?

    Akyu: Lady Yukari mentioned that whichever army was left standing at the end would be granted a single wish for anything they want.

    ...It's obviously just bait to entice people into participating.

    What about you, Ms. Akyu? What would you wish for?

    Ehh, me? Hm, well...There are many people that I have not had a chance to meet. I would like to befriend them if possible.

    Ohh, you're aiming to be Ms. Popularity, I see!

    I will not live very long, so...If I befriend a youkai, when I resurrect after a century, I will be able to meet him or her again. I would be very happy if I knew that there were people waiting for me.

    My, the mood's quite solemn now. Please do not worry, I will be sure to come flying after your resurrection!

    Because it'd be a scoop, right?

    Uh-huh, then I can put out an extra and...Hey, you're trying to make it sound like I only do things that benefit me...

    Anyway, what would you wish for?

    Me? Of course, I want to write more in-depth articles about all sorts of matters and gather data from everyone!

    Don't you do that a lot already?

    I'm still showing a lot of restraint. From now on, I plan to be even more relentless!

    How terrifying...

    And what about you, Ms. Keine?

    Ehh, me? I...It's a bit hard to answer off the cuff, but...I suppose I'd like the children to listen to my lessons more seriously.

    That kind of wish can be granted almost immediately.


    I've peeked into your lessons before, although it didn't make for good material. Anyway, with those kind of lessons, of course the children would get bored. You need to make it easier to understand, and more enjoyable too!

    Hm...But history is such an important subject...

    Well, I think it may be quite hard to understand as well. It's easier for you or myself, but for the children, it's a bit...

    Even you, Lady Akyu...? Are my lessons really that boring...?

    Keine's head drooped downwards feebly in depression. It was quite a shock for her.

    That's why you should make it more interesting and fun. For example, you could suddenly break out into song like a musical!

    You could emerge from behind a red curtain.

    Ah, that sounds good too. Okay, everyone follow me! "I am a~..."


    Ahh, please don't look at me with those creases in your forehead!!

    V-Violence is baaaad!

    ...The next day, Akyu and Aya were seen rubbing painful-looking bumps on their heads.


    We meet the forces of the Human Village for one final battle.

    BGM: Plain Asia ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

    Keine went for a more defensive approach in this fight, giving up her turns in order to boost her party's defense. Normally, this is a good tactic for a tank, as it stops them from taking up the party's action counter and gives more turns to the main attackers. However, at least for the Human Village Corps, Keine's already their second best attacker, so this isn't as effective in this situation.

    While Akyu can't do much damage on her own, her special ability lets her cripple a target's defenses. This can be very potent for letting fellow party members score KOs, but once Aya is neutralized, the danger passes. Still, it was important to keep at least a few of them alive to run down the enemy's action counter, lest Keine unfreezes before the battle is up and starts consecutively pounding on us like last time.

    Not only did we successfully capture the village, but there just seems to be something about this place when it comes to item drops. We get yet another spoil of war: a Short Sword.


    Keine: Ugh...

    Akyu: I can't fight anymore~.

    Aya: The pen has lost to the sword...

    Reimu: This took practically all our strength too, you know.

    The human-centric army of the village fought bravely, but resistance was futile against Reimu's group. Reimu herself stood triumphantly in front of the three, who were dejectedly on their knees.

    So, I suppose that makes the village mine now.

    Why you...I can't lose now...I won't let you do as you want with the village!

    Geez, you STILL want to fight?

    ......No, any further action is pointless...I accept our defeat. But I won't let you lay a finger on the village! Do what you want with me, just...

    No, the responsibility was mine to begin with. If you are going to take a head, it should be mine!

    I'll most definitely let the whole of Gensokyo know about this shrine maiden's cruel and violent undertakings!

    I'm not going to do any of that!

    ......Eh, you are not going to execute us?

    Don't be fooled. The Hakurei shrine maiden conspires with youkai to extort money from innocent humans. She even sometimes uses them as food and...

    Hold it! You're suppose to be a journalist, not a fiction writer! Ah geez, this is all too annoying. The village is mine, and you're all prisoners. Got it?

    So it's the end...

    Please don't eat us~!

    Grilled crow isn't tasty in the slightest!

    Good grief, I'm NOT going to eat you all!

    ...Thus, the Human Village fell under Reimu's jurisdiction.

    "Human Village Corps" has fallen.
    Keine Kamishirasawa has been taken prisoner.
    Akyu Hieda has been taken prisoner.
    Aya Shameimaru has been taken prisoner.


    Akyu: Ah, Ms. Reimu and Ms. Marisa. It has been quite a while since we met like this.

    Marisa: We've been meetin' a whole lot I thought.

    Ah, I meant in terms of having a normal conversation.

    Reimu: I suppose there isn't really any time to drink tea and have a leisurely chat on the battlefield.

    So, are ya done with the Gensokyo Chronicles yet?

    Ahh, it is not quite complete yet, but I believe the finish line is within sight.

    Awesome. Make sure ya write about all the amazin' stuff I've been doin' lately too!

    Of course.

    Don't forget to write about me either. Anyway, putting that aside for now, I wanted to ask if you would joi-



    The Gensoyo Chronicles is still lacking information on Lady Yukari's proposal for this conquering game. I believe this even requires a record to remain of it for my future incarnations, so I shall be glad to assist you for the remainder of its period.

    Oh, so basically, ya need more material?

    Yes. Please do your best so that I can have excellent data to work with!

    Geez...It feels like our roles are reversed...

    Akyu Hieda became an ally.


    The Yakumo Residence. The house where Yukari Yakumo and her shikigami lived, located somewhere in Gensokyo, but no one knew exactly where. A place where the lady herself awaited visitors from her game.

    It was at that Yakumo Residence where Yukari herself was rolling around on her futon, having a casual conversation with her shikigami, Ran Yakumo.

    Yukari: Attack~, defend~, and fight~, humans do it for 50 years~, youkai do it for many more.

    Ran: You seem to be enjoying yourself quite a bit, Lady Yukari.

    I am indeed~, everyone's dancing at my fingertips after all~.

    Please don't use such phrases that invite misunderstandings...

    Oh? Are you not having fun, Ran?

    It places far too much unnecessary work on me.

    My, how impertinent. You don't seem to grasp just how important this game is.

    Yukari grabbed the parasol at her bedside and began to poke at Ran's legs with it.

    Oww...I just meant that since we're joining the game, and have this house as a territory, isn't there a possibility of someone coming to attack us?

    Oh, don't worry so much. Yuyuko's group is still in good condition, and Reimu's still far off for the time being.

    You also said it's important? You mean there's more to it than you just wanting to kill some time? Don't you feel sorry for those who got sucked in unwillingly?

    My, everyone seems to be getting into it quite readily. Though each of them have different reasons for doing so. *yaaawn* Anyway, I'll be taking a nap, so take care of the rest. Good night~.

    And with that, Yukari's head dropped back onto the futon. Once she got this way, there was no waking her up until she was good and ready. And if anyone dared to wake her up, the wouldn't like the consequences.

    Good grief...Thinking this kind of thing is fun, and scheming up this and that...She must be such an annoyance to living things everywhere.

    Ran lowered her head and sighed deeply. Right then, a gap appeared right above her, and a parasol swung out of it to hit Ran on the head.

    Oww, please stop, Lady Yukari! I just hope things remain uneventful...*sigh*...It hurts, Lady Yukari!

    Ran normally believed that Yukari's actions were never in error...But the complaints that she let slip had earned her a few whacks with a parasol.


    The Human Village was now under the control of the Hakurei Army. Reimu and Marisa walked around the area, surveying the territory they had just captured.

    Marisa: Alright, the gates of Hell are 'bout to open up.

    Reimu: What? Don't say something so ominous.

    I told ya before, didn't I? The real thing starts once we take control of the village.

    Did you? Well, it's true that we've never been surrounded by enemies to this extent before.

    We should hit 'em hard and fast. Get the first strike in, then beat 'em up before we get beaten ourselves!

    Marisa got so excited that she started swinging her arms about wildly, and ended up hitting an innocent bystander.

    Stop that, it's dangerous.

    Yeeouch...Anyway, where are ya plannin' to go first?

    We're going to whichever direction gets us to Yukari faster so we can beat her up.

    Yeesh, you're still holdin' a grudge 'bout that? You're more spiteful than I thought.

    In my line of work, you always return what's given to you tenfold.

    Well, if that's what ya want. To do that, we'll hafta get past Hakugyokurou first...But, hmm...

    Huh, you're actually thinking carefully about something? That doesn't really fit you.

    Such a preposterous comment to make in front of the Hakurei Army's top strategist...Nah. Seriously, it's just that there's somethin' weird going on up north.

    Up north? You mean the lake along the way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion? What's going on there?

    It's just what I heard, but apparently it's as cold as winter up there right now...but it ain't winter yet.

    That place usually is fairly cold to begin with...But being as cold as winter is definitely strange. Another youkai trick, perhaps?

    That lake is probably the stronghold of a certain someone too. It shouldn't be anythin' big, but be careful. We have bigger things to worry 'bout anyway.

    Right, let's just keep a discreet eye on it...Ahh, using my head too much makes me hungry. Let's get some soba while we're here.

    I'll take mine with tempura.

    Who said I'm treating you?

    Who said they wanted to be treated?

    I'll take tofu soba then. The cold tofu goes wonderfully with the hot soba. As for you...I'll treat you to a slice of watermelon.

    ...Forget it. Especially the bit 'bout the watermelon. I don't need anythin' that reminds me of a certain Oni.

    The two of them had their usual, meaningless yet fun conversation, while enjoying the cool breeze.


    Turn: 33
    Ouki: 13306
    Ryumaku: 36/68
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 27 RES

    Faintly Dark Path
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 30 RES

    Magic Forest Entrance
    Defense: 180/180
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Magic Forest Border
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 30 RES

    Magic Forest Interior
    Defense: 210/210
    cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Road of Reconsideration
    Defense: 190/190
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    Defense: 215/215
    Cost to Develop: 6 RES

    Human Village
    Defense: 310/310
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    We've earned ourselves a short reprieve. Some more items became available in the shop, which I added to the first post. We can spend some time to develop and recruit while our enemies start showing up soon. I'm not listing Keine and Aya as prisoners yet, because we're going to be recruiting them ASAP, of course. Akyu was recruited first because she has a low NEG cost and a very high NEG score.

    One questions we might as is who to give the Health Pill to. It's a consumable item that permanently increases one character's HP by 80. It goes without saying that we should use it on someone whom we expect to use often this game.
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