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    I appreciate all the positive comments, folks.
    Quote Originally Posted by UserShadow7989 View Post
    ...Transformation quality. Beyond flavor, what are the benefits? I notice the Bestiary section contains advice for creating new monsters and has suggested abilities for each type for the purpose of new monsters; does Transformation grant those abilities?

    If so, are there any benefits to picking a type with no particular benefits or even types that only have a weakness for a selected ability?
    There's virtually no readily-foreseeable benefits to becoming a different 'type' of species with a limit break other than canonical and fluff reasons. It was, however, requested pretty constantly.

    However, when used to transform an enemy instead of a character, it can be used in builds where characters have bonuses against certain species. For example, imagine a Dragoon with the 'Ancient Circle' ability, which grants the entire party bonuses to dragon-type enemies, feeling frustrated that he hasn't been FIGHTING any dragons at his low level. The limit break quality of changing a monster's type - for only one point, no less - fixes that.
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