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    Quote Originally Posted by Dust View Post
    I appreciate all the positive comments, folks.

    There's virtually no readily-foreseeable benefits to becoming a different 'type' of species with a limit break other than canonical and fluff reasons. It was, however, requested pretty constantly.

    However, when used to transform an enemy instead of a character, it can be used in builds where characters have bonuses against certain species. For example, imagine a Dragoon with the 'Ancient Circle' ability, which grants the entire party bonuses to dragon-type enemies, feeling frustrated that he hasn't been FIGHTING any dragons at his low level. The limit break quality of changing a monster's type - for only one point, no less - fixes that.
    Ah, I hadn't considered the possibility of applying it to an enemy. That's pretty cool, actually.

    Don't get me wrong, I love that it's an option. As a fluff ability, it's utterly fantastic. Just wanted to check if there was more to it then that (which there is, apply it to an enemy to use take advantage of 'Ancient Circle' and the like).

    Edit: I've been hunting for any mistakes in the document so I could point them out, but so far I've only seen a pair of grammar/spelling errors. Both under the Black Mage job, the first is a missing word in the last line of the introduction to the class ("These traits often fade once the character [is] more experienced in his craft,") and a missing "l" in manafront (In addition, they have access to all Black Magic spells their Tier or lower, even if they did not choose to ‘learn’ these spells previously.)

    The fact that I could find nothing more then these two minor errors speaks highly of the document's quality. Both were stumbled upon by mere chance and aren't noticeable unless you actively search for them.
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