Well, the clay i use is a tad softer than normal.
Wouldn't call it fancy, though. It's relatively cheap afterall. I reserve the term "fancy" for GW Green Stuff and other high-pric€ stuff.
This is a hobby afterall, have to keep it reasonably budgeted .

How thick a layer did you sandpaper off? Taking into account a sandpaper-buffer could be quite the hassle with detail. Would also have to hunt down some softer sandpaper, what i have is too rough.

Now, onwards to the figurine. Seems like i'm getting into a habit of posting stuff only after painting it:

And back to Touhou it is, with Cirno being the subject this time.

Oh, right. Size reference:

Yup, she's quite tiny . 9cm at shoulders, 11cm at the top of head.
So trying out the new eye-style in a full fig, giving the hands a prominent place on the figurine instead of hiding them and seeing how small i can make stuff.
How did it turn out?