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Also, CHA-CHA-CHALLENGE time (theme being food):
"Everybody was Cook-Fu fighting..."

"Those meals were fast as lightning..."

"In fact it was a little bit frightning..."

"But they cooked with expert timing..."

Not food related, but it's not like all of them have to be right? So a hoplite:

Counting in either Kamina or Hakumen, that makes the weekly quota. Kinda early, but thats what happens when inspiration strikes .
Had a bit of trouble balancing the second dude, so i forgot the cube. It's about as tall as the first.
Holy crap, that is epic!

You're really good, especially with the non-organic material (though that's pretty par-for-the course... I think you're very right about the face/hands).
The poses are dynamic, and the level of detail is nice. You're definitely better than I could ever hope to be

I'll second Prime32's suggestion and add a graphic illustration to this. Basically, the face needs more depth and more forehead.

The first one is your most recent figurine's profile. The second one is a more realistic profile. The third one is just a summary of how a profile is shaped (all right, so maybe I tend to make the forehead too bulgy, but my point still stands).

Another piece of advice is regarding your colouring. When you colour your figurines, it's a good idea to add shadows and highlights. Of course, since it's a RL, 3D figurine, shadows will naturally happen, but you can still add a huge amount of life and depth to your figurine if you emphasize this through your colouring.
This could help your faces as well - the chin could become more refined, and the face more detailed.
You could also make the big, flat surfaces more interesting by adding patterns or symbols or somesuch (maybe not an option with the anime figurines, though).

Of course, all my painting experience comes from watching my boyfriend paint, so I may be completely wrong on all accounts... but still, it's a lot of painting by now