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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 34-35

    Keine: ...Alright, I'll join.

    Reimu: Huh?

    The two of them weren't that different in the end, but Keine still agreed far quicker than Reimu had expected.

    What's with that look on your face?

    Uh, well, I didn't think you'd agree to fighting alongside us so easily.

    ...Normally, I would object to this whole matter and not participate, indeed...But I have things I must ascertain for myself.

    What things?

    That youkai known as Yukari Yakumo...She must have some hidden agenda to have come up with this "game" so suddenly. At this stage, it's impossible to tell what she's planning, and I cannot allow the village...no, I cannot allow Gensokyo to be harmed by her plotting.

    Hmm, I think you're overestimating her. She loves to get everyone involved in her little games for the most meaningless of reasons.

    I would be glad if that were the case. And to confirm that for myself, I'll help you all out for now.

    I still think you're worrying too much about it...But as long as you're joining us, whatever works for you. Let's work well together.

    Keine Kamishirasawa became an ally.


    Marisa: Yo, looks like I'm the winner!

    Aya: What are you saying? I may have lost the fight, but I certainly haven't lost to you as an individual!

    A loss is a loss. You're just makin' excuses.

    A-Absolutely not! A famous and gracious crow tengu like myself would never resort to making frivolous excuses!

    Then just accept it already.


    A-C-C-E-P-T I-T.

    Ooh...You're really persistent for a human.

    I ain't gonna pay that much attention when it comes from one of the proudest tengu I know.

    Really, is being rude the only thing you know how to do?

    Reimu: ...Ahem, may I speak?

    Reimu interjected into the quarrel between the two.

    Ahh, I'm sorry. That girl made me get carried away.

    That's fine. Now then, would you like to fight together with us?

    Fight... You mean you want me to join you and fall under your jurisdiction?

    Essentially, yes.

    Are you joking, perhaps? Why would I do such a thing which I get no benefit from?

    You do get a benefit. You can have a proper battle with Marisa.


    No matter how many times ya want to do it, the result's always gonna be the same!

    Where does all that self-confidence come from?

    It's my pride in my real potential, yo.

    Flukes are called flukes because they do not happen more than once. This time I'll win so emphatically that you'll be left speechless!

    In that case, let's work well together.

    Make sure ya work hard.


    Aya Shameimaru became an ally.


    Letty: *yaaawn*...Ahh, I want to sleep so much...What am I doing here at this season, honestly...

    The Misty Lake, the lake that leads to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Letty, a youkai normally only seen in winter, was floating over it listlessly.

    Hmm, this place is colder than most others right now, but it still feels so warm...Ah, I feel like I'm going to melt...

    While the lake was certainly cold, it simply wasn't sufficient for the temperature a winter youkai would be used to. At that moment, the ice fairy Cirno took the opportunity to come flying in energetically.

    Cirno: Letty! I'm back!

    What!? You dragged me out here by force, don't let me go back, and that's all you have to say!?


    Letty! Letty! Wake up already!

    H...Hnnh...? Let me sleep...

    It's really important, so wake up!

    It's really something so important that it's worth disturbing my sleep for?

    I don't think I can do it myself, so hurry up and get up already!

    H-Hey, stop dragging me!

    (End Flashback)

    It's been three days since...I should be going back and sleeping by now.

    Daiyousei: Ahaha, Cirno's just really gung-ho about this, like she is with everything~.

    Daiyousei smiled innocently, as if she wasn't aware of Letty's mood. She had been talking with Letty for the last three days, while Cirno had gone off somewhere else.

    Just where were you?

    Ahh, I went to recruit some allies! They should be coming really soon.

    Allies?...It's about time you told me why you woke me up and dragged me here. If it's stupidly trivial...I'm not going to let it go so easily.

    The temperature around Letty suddenly started to drop rapidly. The other fairies started to tremble at the threat, but Cirno was completely unaffected.

    It isn't tribal or anything! That purple youkai lady gave this to me!

    Cirno took out a letter she hid in her clothes, and passed it over to Letty.

    What's this..."Gather allies and defeat the Hakurei shrine maiden, and any wish you have will be granted"...I repeat, what is this?

    I think all of Gensokyo's humans and youkai are forming groups and playing a game. If we beat the horrible shrine maiden, our wishes come true! I wonder what I'll wish for...Maybe a year's worth of frogs? It's so annoying to go search for them all the time.

    Cirno was too busy counting her unhatched chickens to notice Lett's anger. Letty eventually gave up with a sigh.

    Geez...And would this be why you woke me up?

    Yep! I may be the strongest, but not even the strongest can do this by herself, so I need you to help me out too!

    Why am I listening to a fairy's pleas...

    You don't have anything to wish for, Letty?

    Huh? Well...I guess it would be nice if winter lasted a little longer.

    That's thinking too small. It'll be better if it was winter all the time! Yeah, I'm so full of awesome ideas!

    I think that's going a bit too far...

    What about you, Daiyousei?

    Huh, me? I guess I want my home to be a bit bigger.

    All right! Our mission for lots of frogs, a longer winter and a bigger lake starts now!



    C'mon Letty, put some more oomph into it!

    Why did I let myself be woken up for this stupid kind of thing...It's not even winter yet...

    Geez, you're still on about that? It'll be fine, it'll be winter soon, so there's no big difference!

    Of course there is!

    Letty, now having to deal with Cirno and the other fairies who were all excited in comparison, could truly be said to be undergoing misfortune. And so, thanks to Cirno stubbornly wanting her own way, Letty and all the other fairies of the lake have gotten involved in the event.

    "Strongest Fairy Army" has been formed.
    Misty Lake placed under control of the Strongest Fairy Army.


    Cirno's fairy group had recruited Daiyousei and Letty, becoming a fairy + 1 youkai army. Unbeknownst to them, three mysterious shadows were approaching the mist-covered lake they called their base.

    ??? #1: Hey, are you sure we're going in the right direction? It feels like we're taking a really long detour...

    ??? #2: Of course, fairies don't get lost. It's just not a place we usually go to, so it'll take a little more time than usual.

    ??? #3: ...So we're lost, then?

    Shaddup, it's her fault for just telling us to go to a lake anyway. How am I suppose to know which lake she meant?

    I'm pretty sure she didn't mean a "pond" near the Human Village, at least...Actually, Gensokyo only has one lake, right?

    I'm not the one who said to consider every possibility.

    Bah, it doesn't matter anyway. She didn't say to hurry, so let's take our time...Ah, I can see it now!

    One of the shadows pointed directly forward. Before their eyes was a large body of water that could not possibly be called a pond. The hazy mist prevented them from being able to see very far.

    Whew, looks like we're here...Now, where is that girl?

    She should be somewhere around here, right?

    We have to search for her?...Let's go home.

    Don't be stupid, we're here already. Let's just look around for a bit.

    Daiyousei: Heeey, Ciiirno!

    There was nothing special planned for that day, so Cirno was drifting about on the lake aimlessly. Daiyousei called out to her from afar.

    Cirno: Hm? What's the matter?

    Well, according to the fairies I spoke to, there's a trio that we've never seen before wandering around.

    Ah, it must be them. Took them long enough!

    Huh, you know them? What should we do with them?

    Where're they now? Bring me to them!

    Okay, over here~!

    Daiyousei took the lead, and brought Cirno over to where the three shadows were flitting about. They seemed to have noticed Cirno and Daiyousei as well, as they similarly approached the two.

    Hey, you're late!

    We're not late! You're the one who said to go to a lake and didn't tell us which one!

    There aren't any lakes besides this one!

    See, didn't I tell you?

    She did, you know.

    What!? Are you saying I'm at fault here!?

    The three of them started to quarrel among themselves. Letty, who was following behind Cirno, then called out to them.

    Letty: ...Sorry for interrupting, but who are you all?

    ...The three fairies immediately came to a stop at Letty's extremely sudden question, and turned to her with twinkling eyes.

    Ah, you just...

    Bravely asked for...

    Our glorious names, right!?

    Not quite like that...

    Very well, we'll tell anyone who asks. Alright, listen up!

    The fairy of shining sunlight, Sunny Milk! I control the refraction of light!

    The fairy of peaceful moonlight, Luna Child! I control the propagation of sounds!

    The fairy of constant starlight, Star Sapphire! I detect animate objects from afar!

    Please go home.

    Luna: That's too sudden!

    Sunny: We were invited here by that fairy anyway.

    Cirno, when you said you were going to "go gather more allies", did you mean these three?

    Yeah. I know their strengths well, I've fought them before after all! Though they weren't a match for me, the strongest.

    Fought? Don't you mean argued?...Well, anyway. With our powers combined...

    Star: No matter our opponent, human or youkai...

    We'll beat them up with our special pranks!





    ............The Three Light Fairies!!!!

    I know already.

    They look like they'll be really fun~. Let's do our best!

    Yeah, let's work well together!

    You all won't be able to do as well as me, but fight hard anyway!

    All the hustle and bustle was similar to the noice you'd get when lots of little kids gather. Since fairies are similar to children, it wasn't surprising, but the lone youkai still put her hand to her forehead.

    Letty's misfortune would continue still.

    Sunny Milk has joined the Strongest Fairy Army.
    Luna Child has joined the Strongest Fairy Army.
    Star Sapphire has joined the Strongest Fairy Army.


    The Nameless Hill. A sunny, yet cooling hill filled with suzuran. But because of the poison of those flowers, it became a place where humans and even youkai would not visit. A doll had been discarded on that hill of suzuran a long time ago, and after much time, it had began to possess its own life and will. It was like the spores the suzuran released had transferred into the doll.

    Medicine: Mm~, how are you doing today, Ms. Su? You need to save up a lot of energy for the coming year, you know~.

    The lone figure wandering around the Nameless Hill was the doll-turned-youkai, Medicine Melancholy. She skipped around happily, all the while emitting the poison of the suzuran from her body. As the visitors to the hill were few in number, she began to think of the entire hill as her home. The suzuran began to sway left and right in time with Medicine's steps.

    Looks like you're all normal today, Ms. Su. That ends my work for today, then...Ahh, I'm so bord. I wonder if those long-eared ones will come again~.

    The suzuran seemed to stretch themselves towards her as she spoke, pushing some of the other suzuran below them as they stretched.

    I never thought I'd actually get bored...Maybe I'll go see what the world outside here is like.

    Originally to her, her entire world was the hill full of suzuran in bloom. But as she slowly came into contact with the outside world, her curiosity about it began to grow.

    Okay, that's decided then! Let's go, Ms. Su!

    On that day, for the first time in ages, Medicine decided to wander out from the hill. The season was perfect for such, so long as she was careful, she would be able to maintain her poison. Or so she hoped.

    Alright, here I go!

    She flew off from the hill, leaving the swaying suzuran behind her for now.


    Eientei. A place located deep in the bamboo forest, hidden from the public eye. A silent and still mansion where it felt like time had stopped. Yet now, others are able to recognize its existance. The mansion housing suspicous humans and rabits had lost its reason to stay hidden, and now proactively tried to communicate with humans from the village, and even received visitors, though not many would come.

    The residents of Eientei had not held any major events after the "Moon Capital Nature Expansion" they held, and were getting listless. They had no reason to hide from the moon anymore, yet it felt like they still were. Whatever the case, the head of Eientei, Kaguya Houraisan, was starved for excitement of any fashion.

    Kaguya: Hey, Eirin.

    Eirin: Yes, princess?

    Is there anything interesting going on?

    There isn't.

    *sigh*...Goodness, it's a real puzzle when you're not limited by anything. I don't remember thinking how bored I was when we were hiding from the moon.

    Shall we take a walk like we did then?

    I'm no longer satisfied by things like that. Luxury is an enemy. Indeed, one must learn to be thrifty. How are our finances doing?

    There isn't anything to worry about there, business has been excellent.

    From what I've been hearing, you not only sell the medicine cheaply, but allow debts as well? You should be more relentless on receiving the pay.

    I cannot extract money from someone who doesn't have any. Furthermore, such magnanimous gestures will surely enhance our reputation and increase our customer base.

    It wouldn't be worth it if that increased customer base is mostly made up of the penniless.

    She was a girl who rarely left her home, and only talked to Eirin and all the rabbits who all looked alike. For her, there was perhaps only one enjoyment that she could indulge in.

    I'll be heading out for a bit, then. Take care of the mansion while I'm away.

    Are you going there again?

    Oh, I'm just taking a walk...That's what I would want to say, but I suppose my mannerisms give me away.

    We've been strengthening our ties with the human village recently, so please don't burn down the bamboo forest again. It makes us stand out in a bad way.

    That was her fault, not mine.

    Society will not view it that way. It is common knowledge that we reside in this bamboo forest. If another fire occurs, we will be the main suspects.

    Hmph...How rigid. Won't someone make another major event happen?

    You shouldn't be saying such selfish...

    ???: I believe someone called for me~?

    Who's there!?

    Eirin turned quickly towards the sudden voice that called out...but found no one there.

    ...I've long since grown tired of hide & seek.

    My my, I've been found, I take it.

    A thin vertical line appeared, and Yukari Yakumo popped out of it. Seeing that it was a person they were familiar with, Kaguya and Eirin treated her far more politely than they would another trespasser.

    If you have no malicious intent, then would you please enter normally?

    Yukari: I received a much more vehement welcome the last time I came through the entrance hall, though.

    You most certianly had malicious intent then.

    And what are you here for this time? We're not hiding the moon or the mansion anymore.

    Yukari: Dear princess from the moon, I have prepared just the tonic to soothe your mind.

    We have plenty of medicine around here.

    I don't think you have the kind that I'll be prescribing~.

    Yukari then handed Kaguya a certain sealed letter. Kaguya first thought that it looked suspicious, but her reaction soon changed as she continued reading it.

    My, my...this would indeed be a miraculous cure.

    ...What are your intentions? I cannot believe you would talk about this sort of topic here without a hidden agenda.

    I already told you, I have no malicious intent. Your distrust of me runs rather deep, hm?

    Really? There isn't anyone so careless here who wouldn't be suspicious of everything you say.

    ...There may just be something I'm aiming for. But it doesn't involve any of you, so pay it no mind. I can promise you that it'll not be disadvantageous to you.

    Well, you're definitely planning something, but as long as it doesn't make too much trouble...And besides, you all did take my trial of guts...Very well, we shall join your parade.

    Princess...Are you positive?

    I'm still rather bored after all, and it would be nice to play with people other than her.

    I'm glad negotiations went fruitfully~. Anyway, I'm awfully busy right now, so I shall take my leave. Have a good day~.

    Upon receiving Kaguya's concent, Yukari casually walked out and exited through Eientei's front door like a normal person.

    ...Very, very suspicous. Princess, in my view, we should not let ourselves be manipulated by her.

    It is indeed suspicious. About as suspicious as the Moon Capital Nature Expansion.

    That was an extremely benevolent event.

    Events are all the same. Anyway, I'll be leaving everything to you Eirin, so do your best.

    You're don't that after being the one to accept it, princess? Will that really cure your boredom?

    You are the chef, and I am the gourmet.

    ...I shall perform as requested. I will let Reisen and Tewi know about this as well.

    I'll be cheering you all on!

    *sigh*...Cheering and nothing else?

    ...And so, Eientei became prominent on Gensokyo's stage once again. Though the process of the person most enamoured with the game leaving the essentials to others did not bode very well...

    "Eientei Forest" has been formed.
    Lost Bamboo Forest placed under control of Eientei Forest.
    Eientei placed under control of Eientei Forest.


    Turn: 35
    Ouki: 18234
    Ryumaku: 46/72
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 27 RES

    Faintly Dark Path
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Entrance
    Defense: 180/180
    Cost to Develop: 27 RES

    Magic Forest Border
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Interior
    Defense: 210/210
    cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Road of Reconsideration
    Defense: 190/190
    Cost to Develop: 15 RES

    Defense: 215/215
    Cost to Develop: 6 RES

    Human Village
    Defense: 310/310
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Misty Lake
    Army: Strongest Fairy Army
    General: Cirno (leader)
    Defense: 225/225

    Lost Bamboo Forest
    Army: Eientei Forest
    General: Reisen Udongein Inaba
    Defense: 205/205

    Army: Eientei Forest
    General: Kaguya Houraisan (leader)
    Defense: 230/230

    Special Events

    War Declaration: Strongest Fairy Army
    Costs 7 NEG to declare war.

    War Declaration: Eientei Forest
    Costs 10 NEG to declare war.

    Not going to update the first post much yet, because this is really just the first part of more armies popping up. We can declare war now, or wait for someone else to take the initiative.

    I also haven't purchased the items yet, but I think I will soon. That is, unless you think we should spend the Ouki to level up our lower leveled yet still used members, like Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and Shanghai. It costs 1500 for a full level at this point.
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