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Thread: Statuary Gardens (Figurines)

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    Uh, guys? I'd like to cite post #6:
    Quote Originally Posted by IncoherentEssay View Post
    ...Anime-style characters as i want to practice the style...
    So not to sound ungrateful but i'm not aiming for full realism here .
    I was going for something closer to these here.
    The nose is almost not there in those pics, and the eyes are about as large in proportion as i made them on the figurine. Didn't quite achieve it with the nose though , didn't notice how much it sticks out between the eyes before it was dry.

    The point about the forehead is spot-on though, and i appreciate the illustration. I suppose i'm over-estimating the height increase hair tends to cause. I also need to define the cheeks and the chin better, as well as learn how to make the mouth more natural and expressive.

    I'll probably make another bust as practice around tuesday. Maybe make a realistic face for the CHALLENGE. Hopefully i can make it go up to 11 .
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