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    Quote Originally Posted by DualShadow View Post
    On the page 119 there is a chart explaining benefits upon leveling up, in that chart I see "New Trait" at lv 10 and 20. I have runned a search in the book seaching for traits but unfortunatly nothing really clear came up. There is a mention of a trait helping in dealing with "Improbable Weapons and Unarmed Combat" on page 113 but yet again nothing really clear. Any explannation?
    Traits were part of character creation in the previous (beta?) version of FFd6 that have been removed in the finished version. Basically, you would have picked 2 traits at character creation relating to the character's personality/back story, and could spend 1 point of destiny to gain a specific benefit depending on the trait.

    For example, a character could get a trait that grants an extra d6 to a lore check for 1 point of destiny. They were removed, most likely since the Enhance a Roll destiny use covers most of what they did and what little it didn't was turned into job abilities or racial bonuses and the like. I liked them, but their removal makes the rules easier to comprehend and they've been replaced anyways so it's no real loss.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greensleeve View Post
    Absolutely wonderfully done! Very impressive indeed.

    Reading through the pdf I have an urge to see it in action, so I will most likely start up a play-by-post game on this forum. I'll post the link here when the thread's up if anyone would be interested.
    I would love to. I was one of the participants of a game using the earlier rule set that occurred at the beginning of the year, which sadly died out. If you do start one, I'll join in without question.
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