Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 37

Yuuka: A letter from Reimu? I wonder how badly it will rain today...My, they were actually brave enough to declare war first, I see. That saves us some time, at least. This will be a good opportunity to beat them up to tiny pieces of pulp.

Medicine: Y-You're being scary...

Reimu is a very important human, you know? If you can beat her, I'm sure you'll get much closer to your goal of liberating all the dolls.

Huh, is that so? That's all the motivation I need then! She wasn't really strong when we last met, so this should be easy!

It's time for some payback after all this while. I'll make them regret they ever made an enemy of me!


"Doll Liberation Front" - War has been declared.


Yuuka: ...So you've come, Reimu. Have you been doing well?

Reimu: I would be doing even better if you didn't show up.

Oh my, what a greeting.

This time, I'll exorcise you properly, and make sure the remains are burned so that a ghost won't come out~.

Unfortunately for you, lightning won't strike twice. I'll show you power even more fearsome than ghosts!

BGM: Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream ~ Sengoku Arr. ~


Yuuka is one character in this game that you absolutely must not underestimate. Despite not even being her army's leader, she is far more of a threat than Medicine can possibly be. Boasting an incredibly high level and enormous offensive stats, she hits like a speeding train. Thankfully, she isn't as fast as one.

Normally, I like leaving at least a few powerhouse characters back to defend in case we get attacked again, but with Yuuka, we cannot afford such a luxury. Fielding every one of our best characters, we blitz her as fast as possible with Aya, Marisa, and Shikieiki (who equipped the Hurricane Wing, as you'll recall). Similar to the situation with Aya, the four other generic units in Yuuka's party can be ignored completely compared to the danger that Yuuka represents. Only by weakening Yuuka as much as possible could we expect to capture this domain.


Letty: Ahhh...The kid can be a little helpful sometimes.

Letty had Cirno created a snow hut on the lake's surface, letting her enjoy the coolness inside. She started to get sleepy, which wasn't surprising: she would usually be sleeping at this time.

Ahh, so sleepy...Honestly, what am I doing here? I should've just sent her away then...And furthermore, thanks to her, more of the little ones keep joining...Which means...I'm the only youkai here, geez!

Letty was starting to get herself riled up. The walls of ice reflected her voice back at her, making her words reverberate throughout her own body. As she covered her ears, still seething with resentment, she looked up to the sky to see the source of all her headaches making a fuss about something or other overhead.

Daiyousei: Waaait, Ciiirno!

Cirno: Hey hey, over here~!

Luna: You can't run now! Give back Star's ribbon!

Bah, I was just borrowing it for a bit! Cuz it's really big.

Sunny: What? Big!? And don't use her ribbon to tie up your frogs!

It's fine, they're frozen! I'm just using it to carry them around.

That isn't the problem! And if that's all you wanted to do, why not use your own skirt?!

No way, it'll get wet.

W-Why you!

So I'm gonna borrow it for a little longer. Bye by...Ow!

Cirno turned around to see who hit her, and there stood Letty.

Letty! That hurt!

You should behave yourself! Now, return that ribbon!


After being scolded by Letty, Cirno reluctantly handed the ribbon back to the two fairies.

Erm, thanks, Ms. Lucky.

It's Letty!

We'll bring this back to Star. Thanks a lot, Poochie!

I'm not a dog!...Bah, there they go.

You shouldn't do those kinds of pranks, Cirno.

I don't wanna hear that from you.

Pranks need to be more crazy to be fun! Like we could sneak up on Luna while she's sleeping, then hide some sweets into her hair!

Ah, that sounds awesome! Let's do that tonight!

Then when she wakes up in the morning, she'll complain about her head feeling heavy! Ahahaha!

...The two of them completely forgot about Letty's scolding, and flew off to plan their next prank. The remaining Letty sighed while putting her palm to her face.

...I don't ask for much, just be quiet at least...I can't relax at all otherwise!


Yuuka: Sunflowers just like our sun~, gazing into the sky~, A Yuuka just like our sun~, makes sunflowers turn away~.

Medicine: What kind of song is that?

It's a song to help my cute little things grow. It's quite famous, you know.

I've never heard of it.

Mm, I suppose it's natural for a doll to be unable to understand culture.

Yuuka exaggeratedly made a show out of reaching into her pocket and producing a single seed. She then proceeded to bury it into the soil.

What're you burying?

It's a sunflower seed. It was left over from last year, and I thought it might be lonely, so I kept it with me.

Wouldn't it be worse to keep it in a dark, gloomy place? It wouldn't be able to bloom into a flower now.

My, just wait and see. Now now...If you don't grow a flower sprout really soon...I don't think you want to know what will happen.

Yuuka waved her hand over the spot she buried the seed into, all the while singing some sort of curse. A single, healthy-looking sprout suddenly emerged, and quickly grew as big as its neighbours.

W-Wooow! You can do something like this!? That's amazing!

My, your happiness is infectious.

Hey, can you make Ms. Su sprout flowers as well?

Ms. Su?

Ah, I meant the suzuran at the hill over there...Some of them aren't doing very well, so I'll be glad if you can make them bloom...

Hmm...I think it's better not to do so.

Ehh? Why not? Don't be so stingy...

Who are you calling a stingy, bottom-class youkai whom no one can rely on?

I didn't go that far...

Hmph, fine...Anyway, I could make them bloom...But they've bloomed already, correct? Flowers bloom, then spread their seeds, storing their energy for the next time they shall bloom again. They're just waiting for the next season.

I see...Okay, I'll wait for the next flower-blooming season!

That's good, I don't mind being around obedient kids.

I'm gonna go see how Ms. Su is doing! Bye bye!

Medicine fully accepted Yuuka's explanation, and waved goodbye before flying off.

Was she that obedient when we last met...? They really do grow up so fast when you aren't looking. You all should try to match her enthusiasm, mm?

Yuuka continued to wander merrily about the field of sunflowers.


Alice: Y-You're...Have I finally found it...!?

Medicine: Huh? Who are you?

I-If I may ask a little question...Are you moving because of someone's magic?

What are you talking about? I'm me. I can make poison from Ms. Su come out from my body though!

I knew it...! There are no strings, and I can't feel an magical power...so this girl is moving under her own power!

Hey, stop with the weird muttering and answer my question already. Who are you?

Me? I'm Alice Margatroid, a magician and dollmaster. May I have your name?

A dollmaster...So those dolls beside you are controlled by you?

Ehh? Well, yes...

...Who would've thought a chance would come so quickly! For the liberation of all dolls, I will take you down!

H-Huh? Ehh...!? Geez, I don't know what you're so angry about, but have it your way!


The Doll Liberation Front retaliates with an attack on the Human Village. I know for a fact that if Yuuka chooses to attack with them, she'll easily tear her way through whomever I choose to field. Luckily, since we didn't develop this past turn, we still have plenty of units available, so I used some of them to run a scouting mission on the enemy. After making sure that Yuuka isn't amongst the attackers, I agree to meet their attack.

Medicine herself isn't that dangerous. All you need to remember is to avoid getting close to her, as her special ability will debuff anyone who tries to attack at close range. Alice and her two dolls were sufficient to hand Medicine a sound defeat, although Wriggle's own brand of poison surely helped as well.


Turn: 37
Ouki: 6168
Ryumaku: 49/73
Actions Available: 2

Our Territories:

Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 24 RES

Night-Blind Road
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 27 RES

Faintly Dark Path
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Entrance
Defense: 180/180
Cost to Develop: 30 RES

Magic Forest Border
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Interior
Defense: 210/210
cost to Develop: 9 RES

Road of Reconsideration
Defense: 190/190
Cost to Develop: 15 RES

Defense: 215/215
Cost to Develop: 6 RES

Human Village
Defense: 310/310
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

Enemy Territories:

Misty Lake
Army: Strongest Fairy Army
General: Cirno (leader)
Defense: 225/225

Lost Bamboo Forest
Army: Eientei Forest
General: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Defense: 205/205

Army: Eientei Forest
General: Kaguya Houraisan (leader)
Defense: 230/230

Garden of the Sun
Army: Doll Liberation Front
General: Yuuka Kazami
Defense: 75/175

Nameless Hill
Army: Doll Liberation Front
General: Medicine Melancholy (leader)
Defense: 205/205

Special Events

War Declaration: Eientei Forest
Costs 10 NEG to declare war.

This is the first time we were at war with at least two factions, isn't it? Well, it was going to happen eventually, since if we didn't declare war on Medicine's group, she probably would within another turn or so. Eientei's considerably more mellow, while Hakugyokurou has yet to form. The only thing we need to worry about now is an attack from both the Strongest Fairy Army and the Doll Liberation Front in one turn. I'd rather face the former than the latter though, since Yuuka can show up anywhere, and she alone is probably deadlier than Cirno's entire team. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if even our best team lost to her at some point, since all it takes is one very unlucky opening positioning set.