Kiroth6, please correct me if I screw up the spelling on this one.

There's not much to say about the next target of my party review. She's the singer in the band lead by Indigar, and is primarily a support character.


That's the best I can do at spelling her name, and I cut out most of it. Honestly, that's all anyone calls her anyway, so it should be fine.

There really isn't that much spectacular about Shante. When I say she's a support character, I mean that if she is alone she is the least threatening character around, and even when the party is assembled she often gets ignored unless the opponent is one of Indigar's fangirls. She, however, makes the group's efforts at teamwork shine. Damage boosts, roll boosts, healing, everything that the team needs to get the job done despite Oliver's frequent team-killing, Dearest Friend's pure chaos, and Indigar's incredible ability to drain his own life at excessive speeds in order to dump the musical pain on people.

Roleplay-wise, she has an amazing habit of being a total wimp. Easy to intimidate despite her will score, a proud owner of the Clumsy flaw, and pretty dependent on other people to handle things when the previously mentioned fangirls decide to attack her because they think she's too close to Indigar.

That's pretty much all I can tell about her. Kiroth6 may be able to provide some better information, but I'll save many of the good stories for after the teams are introduced.