Second-to-last on my list of characters from the low-point party is one that's already been named in this thread.

Cannonball Carl

Carl is fast. As was stated before, he is built for rolling thunder. If only he was built to HIT with rolling thunder without burning awesome points. However, his relatively low accuracy ratings aren't what the beta testers remember him for. While we do remember him breaking a ship in half with a missed rolling thunder prior to that ability getting fixed (the damage has a cap now, thank creation) and thus saving the entire high-point party from a blind woman, his greatest moment involved a single word.

The high-point party (who I will properly introduce you to after the end of these low-point characters) was talking with the Immortal Man, who has been shaping up to be the BBEG of the campaign. In our planning, we made it look like the previously mentioned blind woman and her deaf husband had beaten us as were delivering us to him in exchange for their son. In the midst of this transaction, Carl says something I can't quite remember, and then one word that just blew any chance at keeping the impending trap hidden out of the window. "WINK!" Yep! Nothing like a signal like that to completely send a boss-fight in strange directions as the deaf Gunnar and his blind Hitinja wife accommodated for the change of plans by unleashing a chemical breakdown + elemental salve + overdrive combo followed by Carl burning 6 awesome points for an auto-crit max-distance-due-to-stunting Rolling Thunder to beat down the Immortal Man. No one expected him to be stupid enough to blow our cover like that, and no one expected that would somehow lead to success.

Naturally, the un-killable old man had a plan for this and managed to get away, if suffering from a slight problem where we sank a ship on top of him.

It should be noted that, with Carl's build and his recent gain of a Level 6 version of Rolling Thunder, that Evadinja are (as Makiru's backstory for him implies) his natural enemy.