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And all that brings us to the last of our low-point characters... A new face to the game with only two sessions under his belt. I'll only say his first name and let you figure out the rest...


Jimmy is a charreographer/charrismatic lord with maybe a bit of arrcrobat added to the mix. He's missing an eye, but here's the hints that'll let you know what his last name is and what he's a reference to. He wears a Hawaiian shirt, and has an obsession with margaritas. The running gag between him and Oliver is to try to come up with a plan that would turn a town into a giant margarita. Unfortunately, Operation Margaritaville has never really been enacted.

In combat, he's great on support and attack. One Word Insult is his most damaging move, and many an encounter have been disrupted already by the powers that are The Thriller and Caribbean Airship.

That sums up the low-points. I'll likely go back to edit some of these posts later as the characters' players tell me how I screwed up the stories.
Heh. Looks like you've given him a Proverbial Buffet of stories to look over. For the record, PvNRPG isn't dead, I've just been going through a few other things. I'm hoping to get a lot of my projects back on track in the coming week.