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    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Viera
    Age: 20
    Class/Profession: White Mage
    Power Rating: 4. She does focus on healing spells, but she knows more combat magic than the typical White Mage.
    Description: Liara is a young, beautiful Viera, with long white hair kept back, grey skin, green eyes and the long rabbit ears that all Viera have. She also has scars on her back, however.

    Equipment: Clothing and staff as in image, one spare set of clothing, and not much else, to be honest. Staff is mostly a focus instead of being magical in and of itself- indeed, if she has to, she can just channel spells though her own body, but they're much more effective going through the staff.
    Abilities: Liara is a talented White Mage, being very effective at healing and rejuvenating magic. She's also got quite a bit of knowledge regarding mundane medicine, but prefers to use magic- it's quicker, surer, more effective and less painful. She also, unusually for a White Mage, has quite a few offensive spells. She is capable of projecting barriers with the strength of a brick wall, and firing blasts of solid light up to the force of bullets, in particular. She's also a Summoner, but is only able to call on one Esper at the moment...
    Backstory: To come. May do plawt around it, and if so, don't want to put anything up here. Until plawt happens, at least.
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