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Just how big is Wayne Enterprises anyway?

I thought it was firmly in the territory of "mega-international corporation" but was still counted as fairly small-fry compared to, say, LexCorp. That could have changed since the No Man's Land arc that I remember seeing that expressly mentioned in, though.
Actually, in the recent past (after the president Luthor storyline) after Luthor was discredited and humiliated, Wayne Enterprises bought out LexCorp (easily). Wayne also owns Kord Industries, Mr. Terrific's old company and just about every other business ever started up by a "super". If they were same-universe he'd buy out Stark (also easily, though probably not unless Tony pissed him off somehow).

Wayne Enterprises is so big that I'm pretty sure it would require some very creative legalese to avoid being destroyed by antitrust law.

If one were to do the math I'd say Wayne Enterprises and all its constituent business units employ roughly half the DCU's population. Heck, ultimatlely Superman works for Bruce Wayne. (Wayne Entertainment owns the Daily Planet).

So basically when trying to imagine how big Wayne Enterprises is, imagine that Microsoft, Google, Disney, GSK, Lockheed/Martin, Exxon/Mobil, Halliburton and every other industry leader foreign and abroad were all ultimately owned by the same guy. Double that and you'd have Wayne Enterprises.

And tbh, I thought that the fact that Wayne sponsored Batman was how it was supposed to have been working ever since I started reading comics. The setting up of the Batman Corps is new (and foolish imo), but I'd thought the money connection between Wayne, Batman and the JLA had long since been established to the general public of the DCU.