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I am concerned that Esoteric Weapons Training may lead to some genre-clashing situations (e.g. a monk with a cutlass, monk-pirates, yarr!), but I'll leave it to DM discretion to decide when to stomp on any particularly bizarre weapon choices.

You recognise that yea? That pose with that type of sword has been in plenty of movies, used in an RL martial arts too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Changquan

Cutless is a sabre, same as Dao.

Yarr or ... Whatever ninjas say when they do their equivalent of a lunge. Maybe laugh madly for effect.

Nice revision though, it's instantly recognizable as a core Monk, but effective. And the ability to flurry on the move is sweet. :D Actually fits my idea of where Monk should be, up there with a Rogue for tumbling around being awesome. Well done

I am so using it as a Chang Quan monk, would work brilliantly. Still like Two-Bladed Sword, but a cutlass Dao is fine.

One thing with the description, Quivering Palm spoiler box has the Empty Step text and Empty Step has half of some text from something. For when you're in an editing mood.