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I understand what you're saying -- that it's frighteningly similar to Power Points, for instance. But I think what you're considering doing in its place is pretty similar in function, if not form: X uses of Abundant Step that you can instead use to go Ethereal instead. Might be easy to grant them Stunning Fist and simply have everything based off of Stun uses.
I'm having this debate on another thread at the moment.

With Ki as the focus for all of a Monks abilities, but the Monk not focused around gaining Ki, you start to lose bad.

A Psion uses PSP's, but the entire point of their existence is gaining PSP's, not hitting people. A Monk that uses Ki for its core abilities will reach a point early on where it novas and dies. And we don't want to do that to our poor Monk.

Compare the core Monk to a Rogue, instead of Sneak Attack to boost dagger damage, they gain unarmed damage, instead of pursuing the TWF tree (because why wouldn't you?) they gain Flurry of Blows. Skill wise, 3E had the right idea with 5 skill points, as a Human that gets you to 6. Rogues are still charmers and Assassins with their Int/Cha focus, so there's still room for them. Monks just wuxia the hell out of the place instead of wearing black and quick drawing a dagger. :P

But yea, helps if you think of Monks as Rogues, Rangers as Ninjas, etc. Variants, but the same fuzzy and lovable base class underneath.