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WEG D6 rules?
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Only thing I'm unhappy about with this system is that it's actually quite hard to build some of the FFVII limit breaks with the limit break system (omnislash being a prime example)

I'm also confused as to why Knights of the Round is a rank 4 summon, being the most powerful attack in the game in VII
Omnislash is 15 automatic critical hits. At some point in time I need to say that even canon attacks are sometimes too 'ultimate' for this system.

As for the KoTR, for mechanical purposes, they didn't bring anything truly unique to the table. This is why Yojimbo (the 'ultimate' summon from X) made Rank 5 along with the other classics; Bahamut, Odin and Alexander.
For fluff reasons, you'll see that KoTR only summons three Knights instead of the former thirteen, perhaps accounting for their dimished power.
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Started a game friday night, and one player (the power gamer), didnt like the starting with only 500 gil and lousy equipment so he decided to take synthesis Weapons and Armor and have crafted his own equipment right before the start of the game this extending making himself a tier 2 weapon and a tier 2 armor.

Then proceeded to craft a weapon for our local dragoon but failed the synthesis check, tried to see if there was any consequences to that but found none.
Both answers you already recieved are correct. For reference, Page 104, right in the Synthesis section, reads:

Failing a Synthesis Check
A failed roll indicates that the final result is unstable, unworkable, or simply poor quality. The item is no better than scrap metal, fuming liquids or spare parts. In game terms, this means that although the character(s) spent 50% of the original item’s cost to attempt to create it, they’re ultimately left with nothing – the money and item are both lost.

If this wasn't the case, there'd be nothing from stopping your power gamer - and indeed, EVERY player who valued optimization - from then saying 'Well, in my backstory, before the adventure begins, then, I make myself better armor and weapons despite my lack of skill. I just need to roll a 12 eventually; so it might take a few months (at one day per failure) but it's doable!'

Powergaming before the game even starts is generally a bad sign. I bet he's playing a Ninja.