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    Default Re: The Gates of Heaven: Giving Celestia the Dicefreaks Treatment

    Very well, you shall have your Powers.

    Azrael, the Prince of Power: The strongest Archon in the Heavens, Azrael is veteran of the armies of Celestia who became the personal champion of Raziel and a patron to strength after a brief stint in the Authorities and credited wins over several notable Demons. He fought alongside Raziel in the Great Fall and fought Eblis in single combat; notably managing to survive the encounter. Unique among the more martial archons, he scorns weapons and trusts only the immense strength of his body to bring him victory; an eccentricity that is accepted by Raziel due to the fact that weapons have to be custom made for him and have a tendency to break when he uses them.

    Jophiel, Exarch of the Principalities: A humble Archon, Jophiel has been asked repeatedly to rise to the Dominions or even represent Lunia in the council of Crowns but has turned down the position every time; citing that although he would be happy to serve, his sense of duty prevents him from abandoning the mortals that he has helped so much. Similarly, he refuses to command his fellow Principalities and only took the title of Exarch out of a personal request from his former overseer, now representing Mercuria in the Council. He instead continues on as he always has, helping mortal civilizations towards the path of Law and Good and searching for the influence of the dark Principalities.

    Melchizedek, the High Judge: Personally appointed by Zaphkiel after a distinguished career that included long terms of service in the Dominions, a seat on the Council for Jovar, and work as a top aide of multiple members of the Hebdomad, Melchizedek presides over the 21 members of the Council of Crowns and is considered to be the greatest of the Powers. In the council chamber, he is the last word on rulings when it comes to the policies of Celestia and can be overriden only by a unanimous vote of the Thrones, a four-sixths majority of the Hebdomad, or a direct decree from Zaphkiel; the abscence of such being considered a good indicator of the quality of his service. His further duties including opening and closing the legislative sessions of the Council, officially proposing new decrees to be put to the vote, and serving as the official spokesman and representative of the Council to both the Hebdomad and Celestia at large.

    Thoughts? Azrael is pretty obviously a reflavored Sandalphon, but I figure there's no point in putting the statblock to waste.
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