Powers... gorramit. I'm bad at those. Okay. (I haven't seen that Mi-Go one... I thought I had seen all the Lovecraft carrols). Anyway, these are all associated with Lunia. I'm pretty sure people will recognize one of them

Melichior the Awakener, Warden of the Amber Gate

Between the layers of Lunia and Mercuria stand the Amber Gates, first and mightiest of the Archon's fortifications. While mortals ascending to the higher layers are expected to find one of the paths of virtue and follow it, the archons are pragmatic enough that not all traffic between layers can be expected to take these long and strenuous paths of self-discovery. The Amber gates serve as a way to control trade traffic. The titular gates are massive, gem-studded and always closed, save for when the host of archons rides out in force.
Meilchiors duty is overseeing the gate and it's defence: he controls a force of sword and warden archons patrolling the walls, and Owl archons whose duty it is to scan all incoming travellers and ask their intention.
Melichior himself appears with the body of a muscular man with the head of a lion and the wings of an eagle, all shimmering in the colour of bronze, holding a halberd in one hand and a key in the other. He is stern and humourless, disapproving of any mortal taking the easy way into Celestia instead of proving their virtue, but grudgingly accepting the necessity, and never obsessing about bureaucratic detail. Still, he spends most of his time in his war room, playing through endless fiendish attacks in his head and on gigantic models of lunia with his sword archon generals, and rarely shows himself to mortals.

Radiant Sachiel

This Power is the ruler of the city of Haven on Lunia, and overseer of all commercial endeavors the Archons have with other races, be they outsiders from the other upper planes, Moradin's dwarven petitioners or mortals. Appearing as a seven foot tall human male with silver skin and an impressive, white beard, the always smiling Sachiel is a shrewd, if honest, businessman. He is charged with supplying the Host of the Archons with the high-quality weapons and armour forged by the dwarves or imported from Bytopia, supplying them with magic items from all over the planes and with equipping the order of the planes militant, the mortal arm of the Celestial Host.

Duma the Serene, Archon of Silence, Bearer of the Keys

Appearing as a man in a simple, white robe, with a key around his neck, Duma has a dangerous, but necessary job amongst the Archons: he is their envoy to Perdition.
As by a small, but important, clause in the Pact Primeval, Celestia is allowed to send a single envoy of their choice to Baator, to oversee the operations and maintain diplomatic connections. Of course, despite their common goals in the blood war, the relationship between Baatezu and Archons is, at the best of times, murderous, and there is not a single Baatezu who would not rather see Duma dead, if it were not for the fact that they are contractually obligated not to harm him. Instead, the Archdevils send a constant stream of tempters and temptations after Duma, trying to take him over for their side.
Still, the Archon of Silence bears his duty without complaint. It was his appointment since the time when the first Archons fell, and he has never given in to the constant temptations of Hell. Instead, he visits all Erinnyes and fallen Archons in turn, reminding them, without condemning them, of what they have given up for the power of hell.
He never speaks, being the Archon of Silence, instead being a master of relying meaning solely through body language and facial expressions.