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    Adir Frescot

    Alias: Lord Frescot

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Fae, more specifically the son of the great Forest Prince Sarcadian and his once human mate, Viviana. The Forest Prince has a great many sons, however, enough very nearly to classify as their own species.

    Age: 35

    Class/Profession: Hunter, Dad

    Power Rating: B

    Spoiler: old descrip
    A somewhat short, powerfully muscled young man stands here. He stands around five foot nine, not counting the antlers. A beautiful, elaborate tattoo of a tree winds around his left arm. The roots curl around his wrist, and the leafy bows encircle his shoulder. Sprouting from the sides of his head, pointing up jaggedly, are a pair of white-tailed deer antlers. Not large enough to be unwieldly, in fact, they seem rightly sized for his human skull.

    He has a wide, sly-looking mouth, and a thin-bridged nose to accompany it. His ears match those of his wildshape form, if a lot smaller while human. They tend to slant up and back. His eyes are quite dark, and he sees more sharply at night.

    A brown set of stripes can be seen running down from his eyebrows, slipping along his nose and curving out onto his cheeks. It's hard to notice these at times, due to his slightly dark complexion. The stag's face is of the longer sort, sharp round the chin. His hair is the color of bark, short and neatly cut, showing off his antlers.

    Adir will almost never be seen without a few things. For one, his wedding ring, a gold band with black thorny patterns. Two, a small, circular gold earring. And three, a wooden bracelet on his right wrist.

    Current Depiction

    Personality: Adir is a quick-talking, sociable fellow. Thought (and perhaps thinks) of himself as all-around amazing, but he is trying to be more humble. Is an animal and a savage at heart, and it often shows.

    The stag is dedicated to protecting his family and rearing his rapidly growing number of children.

    Equipment: Guns, a variety of them. Maybe a longbow or two as well. Futuristic anti-magic combat armor. Maybe some magical stuff. Other than that, there's not a lot. At least, nothing I can think of right now.

    Abilities: Can shapeshift into a big, white-tailed stag at will. Just the lower half of his body can also be shapeshifted, turning him into something resembling a satyr. Excellent marksman, but prefers mid-short range. Sniping is not his specialty. Some woodland-based powers, but nothing high-scaled. Strength and speed greater than that've a mortal. He's a bit harder to kill than your average human, too.

    He has the powers of Winter from the Empress of Southside: great strength, durability, and the ability to summon weapons and armor tailored to fit him.

    Backstory: Adir hails from a savage, ancient world, where the gods of nature and the ancient spirits of the world held sway over mortals. His line was a primal and violent one, a long series of strange mystical creatures that wandered the woodland, hunting and being worshipped in exchange for their wisdom, protection and fealty. The planet was always half-connected to the Outside region of the Nexus, and his people often passed through there freely.

    ((To be completed))
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