You manage to find your way through the jungle easily enough, and your approach to the blackscales might even have gone smoothly, had Shard not tripped over a root and blundered into Daiya not twenty feet from the edge of the trees. One of the blackscales sitting near the debris-filled fire pit puts a hand to his massive club, staring through the undergrowth in your general direction.

"<Heard something,>" Trunk can hear him say in Draconic, none too subtly.

"<Hmf, animal. Anyone else would run into geckos on trail, and no signal yet,>" replies the other, idly cracking a bone into successively smaller shards.

The first snorts, standing and picking up his club. "<Animals have more grace than that.>" As if to give the lie to his words, the cage starts shaking violently as a white-furred shape inside bashes against the side, perhaps reacting to the movement.

A closer view of the immediate area. You're somewhere in the upper left corner at the moment; the nearer lizardfolk is the alert one.