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Thread: [3.5, feat] Whalepocalypse from the Sky

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurlySeraph View Post
    Summon Instrument and a Large-sized bard with enough strength to hold a piano. Done.
    Quote Originally Posted by SurlySeraph View Post
    And I don't mean to be harsh, but since you had two different Falling Anvil threads on the front page of Homebrew yesterday I don't think it's necessary to bring it up in an unrelated thread.
    Didn't consider it in that light, and I probably should have only bumped one of the two threads. OTOH, I don't think everyone would have made the connection. Still, on balance, I probably should have resisted. Will make an edit to keep it for posterity.

    EDIT: And since this is now "posterity" I have reversed the spoilerization.
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