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You apparently failed to copy over enough boiler-plate, as it stands you can save up Inspiration between encounters, and use it outside of combat. While the second is perhaps nice, the first could get rediculous.

Well, that's the exact phrasing they use in dungeonscape, so I dunno what that tells us.

Does this mean you can't sweep your lady up behind you into the saddle and ride off into the sunset? Lame man... it should at least have a specific exception for taking a romantic passenger (including just phrasing it as any of your followers from the nerfed leadership ability), and maybe a secondary one for a sidekick (although I don't know if this archetype ever HAS sidekicks).

Well, you could carry her in your arms, I suppose.

Glorious Healing makes Healbots cry, especially for in-combat use again foes that come in large numbers, or use AoEs. At the very least limit it to 10 hp per caster level (the same as the limit on Heal, although I realize that also has a bunch of other curative effects).

Again, exactly what it says in dungeonscape. I actually nerfed it from the factotum, seeing as they can turn undead and damage undead with that ability.

Glorious Surge should be limited to 1/round.

Again, exact wording from dungeonscape. I probably should do that, though. Perhaps make it a swift action?

Glorious Breach needs to have the NUMBER of inspiration points specified. 1 should do it, since Stone Dragon martial adepts have been ignoring hardness since 1st level (or MAYBE 3rd, I forget), and this class doesn't actually grant spellcasting, so any spells you cast are going to be pretty weak from having 11 levels of a non-casting class.

I must have mis-copied somewhere. In dungeonscape, it costs 2, but I'm going to go with 1 because, as you said, ToB is involved.

Glorious Gaurd looks good.

Glorious Pinnacle has the word "factotum" in it.

Stupid copy/paste errors.
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Which name? Mym C'Sil? It's just MYMCSL, the acronym for Man Your Man Could Smell Like, with an obligatory apostrophe and a convenient vowel thrown in.
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