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    Default Re: The Gates of Heaven: Giving Celestia the Dicefreaks Treatment

    Sorry I took so long here we go:

    Anorath: the joyful , the diplomat, Emissary tor Morwel, beloved of the queen
    Some say Archons cannot be joyful and that all are stern and dour or as silent as Duma but they have clearly never met Anorath, the liaison between the mounting heavens and the court of the stars. His joyful countenance and flexible demeanor serve him in excellent stead in his role as emissary to the Court of the Stars. In fact, the queen has made him an honorary member of her inner circle and enjoys his company so much that she deals with the archons exclusively through him. His bond with the court has led some to question his commitment to the ideals of law. He however has not wavered in his commitment to ensure that the Court uphold their promises to Celestia and vice versa.

    Azalon: the beast tamer
    Azalon has but one title but it is one that many members of the Hedbomad wish they possessed for the slaying of a former Lord of hell is no small feat. For eons without number Azalon stood against the raging beast Geryon, the lord of the 5th. He foiled the more powerful but less controlled Geryonís attempts to gain power in the service of his dread liege. Azalonís cold efficiency served as a sharp contrast to Geryonís unbridled fury but their dogged loyalty gave them an ironic point of commonality. In a climactic battle Geryon's forces were defeated in their attempt to create a new lair of Battor. Geryon fought free of the entrapping archons suffering heavy wounds in the process. Azalon pursued and managed to seemingly slay the wounded arch-devil, but Geryonís body was recovered by Amon before the death could be confirmed. The recent rumors of a cult worshiping the apparently dead arch-devil have Azalon vigilantly watching the planes for the resurfacing of his old nemesis.

    Leantes: the master mage, he who saw and lived, the mystery
    Calling Leantes a member of the powers is technically incorrect. He appears to be a reclusive unique archon with no place in the hierarchy of heaven. However looks can be deceiving, even in Celestia. He is whispered to be the most powerful arcane caster of any archon, including Zaphkiel himself. Leantes is a favorite chess opponent of Zaphkeil despite the fact that no one but the Hedbomad or the gods themselves have seen Zaphkeil and lived. The reason for his power, survivability and inaction are unknown to all but a few.
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