Faction Profile: The Embodiments

When the Nexus was formed, at the beginning of time, the first embodiments were formed. They were Aldronax, the embodiment of good, Lawfor, the embodiment of law, and Beast, embodiment of evil and chaos.
As the first people on the Nexus started to find and believe more, more embodiments were formed.

Embodiments List:

Kris: Embodiment of War
Beast: Embodiment of Evil and Chaos
Aldronax: Embodiment of Good
Lawfor: Embodiment of Law
Aquaor: Embodiment of Water
Aiofski: Embodiment of Wind
Firemor: Embodiment of Fire
Lix Lorn: Embodiment of love
(There are many more embodiments, far too many to list. If you would like an embodiment named after you, please PM me)