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    Catherine Meadow

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human!
    Age: 24
    Class/Profession: Magi

    Equipment: Ordinary clothing.
    Abilities: ...essentially, she has the same abilities as Shirou Emiya/Archer from Fate/Stay Night. Her most-used ability is that of 'Tracing', the replication of an object she has seen (every aspect of it- age, history, magical power, although not as powerful). She has an affinity for swords, but can trace other objects as well. She also has the ability to use an ability called 'Unlimited Blade Works', which essentially projects her inner world (a field of all the swords she's ever seen) into reality. This increases the potency of the swords she projects. The only circumstance under which she can't trace an object/access it in UBW is when she can't understand some part of it- an incredibly ancient sword would be untracable, as would one which accessed forces incomprehensible by humans.
    Backstory: TCL
    Miscellaneous: many ways, she IS an alternate-gender version of Shirou from Fate/Stay Night.
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