I have an old account, Angel of Nessus, that I haven't used in almost a year. I ended up forgetting the account's password after I stopped using it and, believe it or not, ended up just forgetting that I had the chance to reset it. A few weeks ago, my interest was renewed and I made a new account- this one.

A few days ago I felt like taking a second shot at what seemed like what would have been a successful game, Flames of the Phoenix, but decided to try and repost under my old account to verify myself as the creator. A helpful member PM'ed me and notified me that multiple accounts are banned, which I was unaware of (even though it makes sense). I've posted a request in the supplement thread to have Angel of Nessus deleted in favor of this one. Honestly, I had no idea, so please don't throw me into the pit. GitP is, as I'm sure Shakespere once said, "Seriously Awesome".