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Thread: Fun Down On the Farmpunk: Join in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcarusWings View Post
    I have the image of a straw-chewing farmer wielding a huge sword (think buster sword big) wrapped in straw. He then covers the hay in whiskey and sets it alight. Then smacks it into that pesky wererabbit that keeps eating his crops.
    The wererabbits are eaten by the weremoles!

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    DM: "Sunder the wall?! WT**** kind of tactics are these!?"
    Me: The kind that armies have been using for millennia.
    DM: They didn't do it with swords!
    Me: Which makes us so much cooler.

    Player: Where are the babau in relation to everyone else?
    Me: They're right behind you. Vesil is covered in Loki's blood. That is their location in relation to you.
    Player: I was just wondering about a fireball.

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