"You grab a line, and I'll grab a pole" Adventure for L.2 Farmpunk Players, involving Dire Crawdads, Talking Ducks, and the curious incident of the Crawdad's broken Sack.

The Man in Black should, of course, be a Higher Deity. (A little modern, but fitting I feel.)

Perhaps up there with a man named Mezuer Tharope, that or Ol' Sam C.

Maybe gods don't exist, but Legends do, and the Legend Spinners are the clerics of the Farmpunk world, spreading the tales of the ancient ones, much like holy men spreading the word of gods?

Definitely an opportune place to use Golden Fiddle Devil, if I could find the link.

I'm not sure if anyone here's a Jason Webley Fan, but the Song 'Mountain and the Moon' would certainly fit this... not sure what you could do with it though.

Greensleeves template? Too blue?

Sword of Bunker Hill, Artifact weapon?