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    Default Re: Avatar Battle Royale Discussion Thread XXXIV - "Go Go Power Lanters!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Rae Artemi View Post
    I'm just posting to elaborate on the level of out of character Rae was in that comic, because I just remembered something that I forgot. Yeah, let's just say when the Yo mama jokes started, Q's head would probably have been off in... oh, about three seconds.
    Ah. Good thing he didn't. You know, I didn't think he was that crazy.

    Here's why I figured the yo mamma joke contest would've been in character. This comic, which you have confirmed in-character for him, shows him to be a smart ass. And, aside from getting himself whipped, he hasn't demonstrated any seriously insane behaviour in this plot (or any other ABR plot yet, if I recall correctly). I know you told me he was crazy, but you also said it was only when his hair was down. I figured he was a non-comprimising hero/smartass at all other times.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rae Artemi View Post
    Also, Horril is Valtiz's, not Rae's.
    I know! But haven't you ever heard of Actor Allusion?

    Either way, I'm gald to see that my comic was enjoyed.
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