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Ah. Good thing he didn't. You know, I didn't think he was that crazy.

Here's why I figured the yo mamma joke contest would've been in character. This comic, which you have confirmed in-character for him, shows him to be a smart ass. And, aside from getting himself whipped, he hasn't demonstrated any seriously insane behaviour in this plot (or any other ABR plot yet, if I recall correctly). I know you told me he was crazy, but you also said it was only when his hair was down. I figured he was a non-comprimising hero/smartass at all other times.
Yes, he can be a smart ass, but he's a smart ass with mommy issues, and that's why it would be out of character. And I said that he is less crazy with his hair down, not absolutely sane. As for why he hasn't shown any real signs of his insanity yet is twofold.
1: Nothing has really happened to set him off yet.
2: I haven't really made enough comics in ABR to really flesh out his characters, partly because of laziness, and partly because I'm still deciding exactly how coocoo bonkers he goes at what points.

Anyway though, I now have an idea for a comic that I will do after I'm done with the thing that I'm doing now. It should probably be up by Thursday, at the latest.