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    Default Masters of the Sword: A Warblade's Handbook

    Sample Builds: Exemplars of the Sword

    Blade of Corellon



    Snow Elf Warblade 7/Champion of Corellon Larethian 3/Eternal Blade 10.

    STR 13 DEX 17 CON 14 INT 16 WIS 12 CHA 6; boost DEX.

    Flaws: Murky-Eyed, Shaky

    Feats: Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mounted Combat, Improved Weapon Familiarity, Weapon Focus (Elven Courtblade), Combat Reflexes, Improved Trip, Weapon Finesse, Unnerving Calm, Perfect Clarity of Mind and Body

    Maneuvers: Moment of Perfect Mind, Douse the Flames, Wall of Blades, Insightful Strike, Iron Heart Surge, White Raven Tactics, Ruby Nightmare Blade, Rapid Counter, Moment of Alacrity, Avalanche of Blades, Diamond Nightmare Blade, Time Stands Still

    Stances: Punishing Stance, Leading the Charge, Hearing the Air.


    Party role is primarily that of tank; the required feats for CoCC give some valuable defensive boosts early-game that the 3 levels of CoCC emphasize for mid-game. With a heavy flail as a second weapon and Combat Reflexes/Improved Trip, it's at least adequate as a battlefield controller and against undead and such. If there's an equipment-related or site-related way to pick up Mounted Combat, it deserves serious consideration since it's largely unsupported otherwise. Get out in front and provide boosts to your allies while simultaneously dealing with the most dangerous melee threat possible. Hit based on DEX; damage based on DEX + INT + STR in general, or on up to 4x Concentration check a few times a day.

    Heavy emphasis on Diamond Mind makes Concentration the skill to max out. 15 ranks in Tumble seems a minimum to improve mobility, max out Intimidate even with the CHA penalty, and pick up what Knowledges seem most appropriate to the campaign to compliment choices needed for PrCs; with the INT available this makes a decent secondary sage. Obviously, toss a point or two into the Ride skill for Mounted Combat. This might be easiest at 1st level, if you start with sufficient funds to have a mount, since your opponents will largely be accessible from horseback and the benefits of Mounted Combat are significant at low levels.

    Major issue is that Flaws are required for the build to work; it's impossible to get sufficient Feats otherwise to get CoCC 3 and still finish out Eternal Blade pre-Epic.

    Keld Denar

    Flick, the Flaming Knife Flinger
    Glimmerskin Strongheart Halfling Bardblade
    Bard3/Warblade5/Master Thrower5/Warblade7
    28 PB Str 12(10) Dex 16(18) Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 12
    Putting level up points into Dex to increase +hit

    Level/Feat Build

    1 Bard1 [Dragonfire Inspiration] [Point Blank Shot] [Rapid Shot(flaw)] [Precise Shot (Flaw)]
    2 Bard2
    3 Bard3 [Song of the Heart]
    4 Warblade1
    5 Warblade2
    6 Warblade3 [Song of the White Raven]
    7 Warblade4
    8 Warblade5 [Quick Draw]
    9 Master Thrower1 [Two Weapon Fighting]
    10 Master Thrower2
    11 Master Thrower3
    12 Master Thrower4 [Improved TWF]
    13 Master Thrower5
    14 Warblade6
    15 Warblade7 [Greater TWF]
    16 Warblade8
    17 Warblade9 [Improved Initiative]
    18 Warblade10 [Feat?]
    19 Warblade11
    20 Warblade12

    Maneuver/Spell Progression

    1|Bard2|[Inspirational Boost]|||
    2|Warblade1|[Moment of Perfect Mind] [Wolf Fang Strike] [Sudden Leap]|| {Leading the Charge}
    3|Warblade2|[Action Before Thought]||
    4|Warblade3|[Tactical Strike]||
    5|Warblade4|[Mind over Body]|(Wolf Fang Strike)|{Leaping Dragon Stance}
    6|Warblade5|[White Raven Tactics]||
    7|Master Thrower1|||
    8|Master Thrower2|||
    8|Master Thrower3|||
    9|Master Thrower4|||
    9|Master Thrower5|||
    10|Warblade6|[Dancing Mongoose]|(Action Before Thought)||
    11|Warblade7|[Moment of Alacrity]||
    12|Warblade8|[Order Forged from Chaos]|(Tactical Strike)|
    13|Warblade9|[Clarion Call]||
    14|Warblade10|[Quicksilver Motion]|(Mind over Body)|{Press the Advantage}
    15|Warblade11|[Raging Mongoose]||
    16|Warblade12|[Diamond Defense]|(Moment of Perfect Mind)|

    Picking maneuvers was tough, since most of them require melee strikes. I REALLY wanted to draw heavily from Desert Wind, but all the boosts there specify melee only, whereas Tiger Claw boosts such as the Xing Mongooses don't. I really tried to avoid taking Strikes if possible, except to meet prereqs, since I'd rather use my high rate of fire on a full attack if possible.

    Granted, would have a lot of weakness against foes with DR and fire immunity, but would be fun to play in a campaign mostly against humanoid foes. The high rate of attack between Rapid Shot, TWF, and Palm Throw would stack on the d6s pretty fast. At level 20, you'd have an Dragonfire Inspiration of:
    +5 (level incuding Vest of Legends)
    +1 Song of the Heart
    +1 Inspirational Boost
    +1 Badge of Valor
    = +8d6 fire damage per hit

    19/20 BAB results in 4 attacks +1 for Rapid Shot, +3 for TWF, +2 for Raging Mongoose, +1 Haste for 11 attacks, which Palm throw makes 22. 22 attacks for +8d6 each would net ~176d6 fire damage per round on a full attack every other round, with 144d6 every round in between (to regain Raging Mongoose). Maneuverability would be increase with Sudden Leap and Leaping Dragon Stance, replaced later with Press the Advantage and/or Quicksilver Motion at later levels. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get the IL up high enough to get Time Stands Still, which would ABSOLUTELY destroy just about anything.

    All in all, the build is pretty viable off the bat. Early on, you'll have a really low rate of fire, but you'll be a pretty good buffer with +1d6 fire at 1st level, +2d6 fire at 2nd, and +3d6 fire at 3rd. Low number of Bard songs per day could be an issue, but for continuous fighting, you could just maintain the same song over multiple encounters as long as you don't have to cast spells or chit chat. The build really comes into its own around level 8, when you have the Quickdraw to make multiple dagger tosses in a round. By then, your Inspire Courage is up to +5d6 (with Badge) and you are making 3 attacks/round or 4 with Haste. That's potentially 15-20d6 fire if all attacks hit. Level 9 is a huge step as well, bringing your number of attacks up to 4/round (or 5 with Haste), and level 13 brings Palm Throw into the equation. From there it's just silly.

    Most cash can be spent on improving defenses once requisite bardic gear is purchased, since magical weaponry wouldn't be that advantageous. Something that grants flight would be idea to increase mobility and defenses. At higher levels, a casting of 2-3 Chained GMWs would give you enough magic daggers to last an encounter before you could reclaim them.

    Tips and Tricks: A Sword Up Your Sleeve

    Advice on Multiclassing

    In general, you want to keep in mind two ideas when multiclassing:
    • The number '6' - take more than this many levels that don't directly boost your warblade IL and you lose access to 9th level maneuvers.
    • Even numbers - your IL increases with every even-numbered level in non-warblade boosting classes.

    Some builds that I've found useful or illustrative:
    • Yes, it's that good. - Warblade 20
    • Crazed Dwarf Axe-wielder - Cleric 1/ Fighter 2/ Warblade 4/ Exotic Weapon Master 1/ Warblade 12
    • Need maneuvers? - Warblade 8/Crusader 2/ Eternal Blade 10
    • For the TWF - Ranger 2/ Fighter 1/Warblade 2/Revenant Blade 5/ Eternal Blade 10 (see Revenant Blade Handbook for details)
    • For a melee combatant with a late-game arcane flair - Duskblade 2/ Paladin 2/ Warblade 2/ Suel Arcanamach 4/ Spellsword 1/ Abjurant Champion 5/ Warblade 3-6.

    Useful Links: Polishing the Sword

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