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    Default Re: Avatar Battle Royale Discussion Thread XXXIV - "Go Go Power Lanters!"

    It didn't really come to anything last year, and I imagine most people will be pretty busy with their own arrangements for Christmas as well this year.

    Fun little Laws of Magic tidbit:
    Necromancy animates intelligent and long-lasting undead creatures by forming a "gravemind" (So called because it was initially developed to have zombies and other minionary undead follow orders with some common sense) with magic that mimics the sapient brain's naturally-existing incarnum networks (Effectively creating a disembodied magical computer).

    The gravemind allows the spell to remain stable for much longer periods of time (as the magic generally cycles around within the gravemind rather than freely disseminating into the world) and to react to external stimuli. The more intricate and finely-crafted the gravemind, the more complex behaviour can be produced and the longer the spell can last.

    Consequently, Necromancy is responsible in part for almost all modern long-term spells.
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