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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden-Esque View Post
    ...very long post about swift and immediate actions...
    Your post is well-intentioned, but incorrect. An immediate action uses your swift action for your next turn (the rules text you quoted says exactly that). You can still use one even if you used a swift action on your previous turn, but if you do, you lose your swift on your next one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Golden-Esque View Post
    it even says in the rules that if you make a Swift action during your turn, you can't make an Immediate Action until the start of your next turn and vice versa.
    No, it doesn't say that. The underlined portion of the SRD text you quoted at no point states that you can't use an immediate if you've used a swift on your turn. It says you can't use one if you've already taken another immediate action, and that you can't use both an immediate and a swift ON your turn, which is where I think the confusion lies.
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