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    Orak Prok
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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race: Kroot

    Age: 52

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Class/Profession: Shaper

    Power Rating: D+

    Description: He stands 8 feet tall and is thin and wiry, but muscular. His skin is a dull grey and very rough and weathered. He has long, barbed spines on his head and smaller ones scattered over the rest of his body, they are nearly black. Instead of a mouth he has a beak like jaw. He has only four digits on each hand. His eyes are a solid, milky white. His clothes consist of worn, leather harnesses and belts.


    Personality: Orak is generally stern and serious. He is slow to trust those of other races, but if you befriend him he is fiercely loyal. If he does something that others see as wrong he won't understand what the problem is, and likely continue what he was doing.

    - Kroot Rifle. A basic slug throwing rifle. Blades extend downward from the end of the barrel and stock. The rifle doubles as a gun and fighting staff.
    - Shaper Knife. Symbolic knife that represents his status as a Shaper. Still pretty dang sharp. It is about a foot long and is made of pure obsidian.

    - Very skilled in melee combat and moderately skilled with his gun.
    - Can jump very well.
    - He can secrete an oily sweat that contains pheromones that allow him to make where he has been.
    - He is a master of stealth, and can move with complete silence.

    Backstory: Orak is a Kroot shaper. It was his responsibility to guide his kindred in their evolutionary growth and in battle. One day when he and his kindred we roaming, looking for suitable prey, they came across a group of zombies (see zombie survival guide). They easily defeated the zombies and Orak judged their flesh worthy of being eaten. It would be good to have their resistance to pain. It went badly though within an hour his entire kindred was dead, he hadn't stopped to take the time to eat. Now he travels far and wide in search of the perfect prey. He hopes doing so will restore his honor.

    Miscellaneous: Repeatedly eating the flesh of a particular species will allow him to gain traits from that species. This is a slow process though.
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