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    Alias: Grimaultrix or, more commonly, "Trix"
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Half-demon.
    Age: 24 Years, young even by human standards.
    Class/Profession: Freelancer

    Description: Trix is a strange, pale-skinned demon of a minor plane of one hell or other. She has black eyes with golden irises, and ears that perk up or droop down with her mood, similar to that of a cat or a donkey in the way that they swivel. She has small teeth, each filed to points, and a very long black tongue. Her facial features are capable of looking surprisingly soft and feminine despite this, and she is very expressive. Framing her face is short black hair, unkempt and untouched by any hairbrush. She has a long, thin tail.
    Despite her otherworldly appearance, her body is slender and her skin is smooth, and she is likely considered attractive depending on the viewer's personal preferences.

    Personality: Trix began her life in the Nexus as simply an incredibly awkward and nervous person. It was rare to find a moment when she wasn't considering all avenues of escape, even during conversation. It was never that she didn't like people, simply that events in her past had caused her to be distrustful of them.
    Ever since her fall to greed and subsequent self-redemption, however, she has seemed to mellow out considerably. While she is still largely nervous, it is nowhere near the level of twitchiness it used to be, and she seems to have come to terms with her own faults and strengths now. She has faced the worst parts of herself and won, and as such her outlook on many things has changed - some would say for the better.
    Trix enjoys the collection of magical items.

    Equipment: Trix wears a hat which also acts as a pocket dimension where she stores her things or uses as a makeshift and secret home. It serves as a small living room with a couch, a coffee table and a few cabinets. The hat itself seems to be able to change its colour and shape depending on the outfit she is wearing.

    She now has a high-tech prosthetic hand to replace the one she cut her fingers off of. It is a sleek white robotic hand, with black visible through the joints like some sort of iHand apple product or something. It uses impulses to replicate the wall-clinging effect the rest of her has on command.

    Abilities: She is capable of crawling on flat surfaces like a lizard, and her bones have a rubber-like quality.

    Consideration of the resistances and weaknesses of her bones:
    • Her bones are quite strong, denser than rubber despite their similar qualities. She is more resistant to blunt damage due to the strength of her bones, and edged weapons have greater difficulty in causing damage beyond them.
    • Her bones cannot break, or are at least so unlikely to that it is not a very worrying probability.
    • If falling from a great height, she will likely bounce when she hits the bottom, suffering mostly internal injuries, cuts and bruises. This depends on the distance.
    • Due to having to compensate for the heaviness of her bones growing up, she is actually quite strong. Because of her half-demon heritage, her muscles appear much weaker than they are, making her seem thin and light when she's actually strong and heavy. Having always grown up like this, she does not notice.

    Through joining LANTERN as a spy, she gained the powers of an orange LANTERN including flight, creating small energy constructs, and an unfortunate intense hunger - however she no longer has these powers after this post.

    Backstory: It's ever unclear what events caused Trix to run away from her family in Underside - the only information that one might ever get from her is sparing at best, usually only vague references to her late eldest brother and some tragedy that befell him.

    Things stored in Trix's Hat through IC moments:
    ((This will be changed as often as I deem important.))

    • A brooch which grants temporary invisibility.
    • A bag of 300 gold.
    • A mannequin showcasing a suit of Brotherhood of Steel power armour.
    • A cut sapphire and another gem.
    • A stack of assorted fruits.
    • A very large trunk filled with expensive and exotic clothing.

    Trix's Sisters:

    Trix's Parents.

    Try not to think too hard about that one.

    Extra Fact: Trix has a residual magic allergy, which was amplified when she was wearing the Orange Lantern ring, but returned to being latent again when it was forcibly removed from her person. Usually, she doesn't even feel its effects unless physically blasted by a good deal of magical energy - but it was enough to keep her from becoming a mage herself. Her allergic reaction on its own is not fatal, and it takes a very strong and focused magic to make it more than an itch.

    Trix's blood is not red, but rather white.
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