The lizardfolk swings its club in a long upward arc as Drasil approaches, before drawing it back overhead and smashing it down. It loses its grip on the weapon as Grimmgang's strike impacts heavily, leaning backward as it strives to keep its balance, only to find its throat transfixed by Daiya's arrow. Trunk, ignored, takes advantage of the opportunity to assume the form of a wooden bear, and the shouted warnings prove shortly unnecessary as two more blackscales emerge from the huts, eagerly engaging Shard and Grimmgang.


Daiya's attack scores a crit, dropping the second lizard well past dead.
Attack on Drasil: (1d20+7)[21]
Damage: (2d8+6)[16]
Attack on Drasil: (1d20+7)[11]
Damage: (2d8+6)[10]
Attack on Shard: (1d20+7)[14]
Damage: (2d8+6)[14]
Attack on Grimmgang: (1d20+7)[20]
Damage: (2d8+6)[19]