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    Default Re: [NEXUS] OoC VI: Do You Think You Can Handle It?

    I think this is what we've planned out so far.

    Circle 1: Lust [Archdevil: Morgana]
    Circle 2: Pain [Archdevil: Morgana, formerly Semiazas]
    Circle 3: Gluttony [Archdevil: ???]
    Circle 4: Greed [Archdevil: ???]
    Circle 5: Anger [Archdevil: ???]

    Circle 6: War [Archdevil: Baalthazaar]
    Circle 7: Pride [Archdevil: ???]
    • Outer Ring: Pride over Life
    • Middle Ring: Pride over Nature
    • Inner Ring: Pride over Death

    Circle 8: Fraud [Archdevil: ???]
    • Bolgias 1-10: As Dante.

    Circle 9: Treachery [Archdevil: The Iron Queen Persephone, formerly Hades(?)]

    The ones in red are the ones unchanged from the original Dante, and may or may not be changed if people think of better ideas for circles. The one in green is one I made up just now.
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