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    Name: Reelshka Trollfinger
    Gender: Female
    Species: Goblin (Link contains a description of goblins as I use them).
    Age: 25, equivalent of human 30.
    Profession: Architect
    Power Rating: E
    Description: Reelshka is a fairly tall and slender goblin woman. Her figure could be called attractive, even, if one were to look past the fact that, well, she's a goblin. She has light brown skin and light grey hair that she keeps long and tied in a single braid. Like all goblin eyes, Reelshka's resemble cat eyes, with narrow pupils - however, their coloration is pecuilar, as one of them is yellow and the other smoky green. Her fangs are short and pointy.
    Reelshka tends to wear practical clothing and favours the dark green colour. She's rarely seen without her dark green flowery hat she bought from Cecily's store.

    Personality: Reelshka is rather stubborn and headstrong, seldom compromising her stance on anything. She has a rebellious streak, a result of fighting against uptight goblin society. However, she's also friendly and compassionate, especially to those really in need. She's very meticulous and organized.
    Equipment: None of consequence. She lives in Mushroom Cellar at GLoG.
    Abilities: Reelshka is a professional architect and an amateur artist. She has absolutely no combat capability to speak of and while she's braver than most goblins, she'll still run away from any significant danger. However, she does possess an ability to percieve the spirit world and interact with spirits, which was granted to her by the two god-spirits of the Wolfen race, who are also the parents of her Wolfen lover.
    Backstory: Reelshka was born in a moderately sized goblin colony in the central mountain range of her homeworld. She was the one who convinced her friend Grimzig Ironpick and her cousin Krugzim Greencheek to leave and form a mining & engineering company when she felt she couldn't stand the opressive culture and atmosphere of the goblin society.
    Miscellaneous: A member of GLoG Council. Brinika's aunt. Has a half-wolfen son named Tuskfang.
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