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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 57

    Here we are. The final act of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Cue awesome music.

    BGM: Septette for the Dead Princess ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

    Flandre likes to start off fights with Eye of Materiality, which either lowers the target's defenses, or just OHKO's the target entirely. Thankfully, I had good luck with that attack all day long, and managed to avoid any OHKOs.

    Remilia and Flandre are both glass cannons, with Flandre even more powerful yet fragile than her sister. They can put up some incredible numbers, but also tend to fall quickly as well. Their reliance on melee attacks meant that Medicine's ability tends to get more use, although she barely managed to survive the battle in the end.

    After trading lots of huge numbers, we manage to pull out two solid wins against the SDM.


    Remilia: Ahh, how could this be...!

    Flandre: It huuuurts!

    Remilia and Flandre, the two fearsomely strong vampires wrought the battlefield with their power and ferocity, but were eventually defeated in a hard-fought battle. Reimu stood before them triumphantly.

    Reimu: Geez, that took a whole lot longer than I'd have liked. But that puts the final nail in the coffin!

    Marisa: Absolutely. Vampires are all kinds of broken. Speakin' as a human, you two oughta be against the rules.

    Hehe...Ehehehehe...Did you think you'd win that easily...?

    Wha!? You still wanna go at it!?


    Ugh, they just don't give up!

    Flandre stood up once again, an eerie smile creeping upon her face. Reimu and Marisa hurriedly prepared for another hard battle...but all of a sudden, the evil intent disappeared from her.


    ...Geez, don't frighten us like that. There's no way you could have that much power remaining.

    ...Yeah, I can't stand anymore.

    Flandre then fell to the floor at a sitting position, completely exhausted. At the same time, someone was running at the group from behind.

    Sakuya: Ahhhhhh, Milady! Please forgive me, this worthless maid has put you through such hardship...Oooh...

    Indeed, humans are so useless.

    Milady, at times like these, you should follow the pattern with a line like "No, you did well" or something similar.

    I'm bad with patterns.

    Uh, hi?

    Ah, you're here too? What do you want?

    Don't play dumb. Anyways, you vampires are defeated, so now it's time for the ending...Why ain't this castle breakin' to pieces?

    Unfortunately for you, you're not a vampire hunter, so the mansion shall remain intact.

    Tch, I need'ta train more.

    In that case, the Scarlet Devil Mansion and you all now belong to me. If you have any final words, I'll hear them.

    Wah, so proud.

    Reimu, I appreciate your feelings...But I feel we should experience many more things together first before we reach that stage.

    ...What are you talking about.

    ...You're prospering to me, aren't you?

    Milady, that's "proposing".

    Whoa! Congratulations!

    And so, they lived happily ever after.

    Shut UP!! Stop purposely taking my words the wrong way! You are all FINISHED! And you better do what I say, OR ELSE! That is ALL!

    ......Ooh, scary. She's gotta learn to keep control of herself a li'l more.

    Perhaps she's the one who needs more training.

    So will you take her name, or will she take yours?

    ...Who knows.

    "Scarlet SDM" has fallen.
    Remilia Scarlet has been taken prisoner.
    Flandre Scarlet has been taken prisoner.
    Sakuya Izayoi has been taken prisoner.
    Patchouli Knowledge has been taken prisoner.
    Hong Meiling has been taken prisoner.
    Koakuma has been taken prisoner.


    The day brought a strange sight: Kaguya was sitting upright at a desk, with a writing brush in hand. She was elegantly drawing black strokes on the white calligraphy paper without even a hint of hesitation.

    Eirin: My, it's rare to see you partake in calligraphy.

    Kaguya: A high-class woman would naturally have a taste for learning how to draw beautiful letters.

    ...You've learnt quite a bit about the customs here, haven't you? You never did such things on the moon.

    I have been living here for a much longer time, after all. How does it go again? "One Bad Apple..."? Anyway, I've completely forgotten about life over there.

    Kaguya spoke about her previous home indifferently. They had a chance to return to the lunar capital before, but they had decided to stay of their own will, and thought no further about it.

    It would be quite troubling if you had done calligraphy before and forgotten all about it.

    It's fine. I have plenty of time to waste anyway. How about you? Do you know how to do calligraphy?

    Perhaps a demonstration is in order.

    Eirin received the brush from Kaguya, and sat at the desk in her place. Eirin's hand flew freely and skillfully across the paper, just like Kaguya's had been.

    My, you're quite good.

    I use a writing brush daily, so I would become good even if I did not want to. Though the one I use is thinner, admittedly.

    I see, I suppose that's true. Disorderly calligraphy signifies a disorderly mind...So you're extremely sound-of-mind. How wonderful.

    You're embarassing me, princess.

    Speaking of which, the not-so-sound ones are late.

    Did you require them for something?

    Hm, yes, sort of...Perhaps if I laid a rabbit trap...

    Just as Kaguya finished speaking, Reisen and Tewi entered the room. Both of them bowed slightly to their master when they saw that she was present as well.

    Reisen: Excuse me, Princess. Did you call for us?

    You came at a good time, Inaba and Inaba. Take a look at this.

    Princess, we're not sure whether you mean Tewi or I.

    It doesn't matter, just look.

    Kaguya opened the calligraphy paper with both hands, showing it off to Reisen and Tewi. The words "Kaguya Houraisan" were elegantly written on it.

    Tewi: Wow, it's really good!

    Yes, it looks very impressive...But what does this have to do with us?

    You were moved by it, mm? Beautiful calligraphy such as this should well be called an art by now. After all, it moves people just like other true forms of art.


    Reisen felt a little giddy at the possibility that they were called here for this matter only. She tried to lean on Tewi for support, but she stepped away slightly and caused Reisen to fall down.

    You should be more careful~.

    Why you...!

    Now now, this obviously isn't all I called you two here for. Come over here, both of you.


    This one's for you, Inaba...And Inaba, this one is yours. There, perfect.

    The two rabbits looked down at their chest to see a tiny piece of calligraphy paper stuck there. The paper held Reisen's and Tewi's names, which Kaguya had apparently drawn.

    ...Um, what is this?

    It's a name tag for you two, of course. Now I can call you by your name, Reisen.


    My, what's wrong? Are you so touched that you cannot even speak?

    ...The fact that you still haven't memorized my name makes me emotional in a different way. So emotional that I want to cry. And I've been here for so long...

    ...Yes, you have been here for a very long time.


    Reisen thought that she saw Kaguya's expression change for a second, but it was so quick that she couldn't be sure.

    Anyway, I took the time to write out your names, so take care of it, mm? You two can leave now, thank you for your hard work.

    *sigh*...I still don't really know what's going on, but please excuse us.

    Thank you very much, I'll treasure it for life~!

    The still-confused Reisen and the seemingly-happy Tewi left the room at Kaguya's urging. With just Kaguya and Eirin remaining, silence fell upon the room again...Until Eirin broke it.

    ...Princess, you actually think about things quite a bit, huh?

    Don't act as if I'm dumb. Anyway, let's leave our nosiness at that. I'll be taking a nap~.

    Kaguya finished what she wanted to say, then left to her room for her afternoon nap. Reisen had been depressed for a while now...And Kaguya was clearly worried for her.


    Boo...another attack by Eientei on the Human Village drops our defense to 150, since we once again have no one available to defend it.


    The figure of a fiary could be seen in the distant sky. It was the fairy who announced the coming of spring, Lily White. Spring had long since passed, so what she was doing here was unknown.

    Lily: Spring~, spring~...Hm? What's that?

    She was apparently drifting aimlessly among the clouds, when she heard a mysterious sound. It was a sound that felt quiet, yet noisy at the same time. The dissonance drew her attention.

    It's weird, but it sounds like spring~!

    Now attracted by the sound, Lily began to wobble her way towards its direction. The clouds obstructed her view, but she quickly came across three figures playing instruments.

    Lyrica: ...Ah, your half-tone was off just now, sister.

    Merlin: Ehh, mine? No way~!

    It's true. You always get caught up in the performance and slip up every so often.

    Well, it's fine, that's the best thing about live performances! A perfect performance wouldn't be one that's alive!

    Lunasa: We're poltergeists, though. We're not alive.

    You're making things moody again, sister...Hm?


    The three sisters stopped their performance and began talking amongst themselves over a mistake that normal people would not have picked up on. Lily White had been constantly watching them.

    My, we have a guest? It's quite unusual for one to appear in a place like this.

    I feel like I've seen her before.

    Sister, that's the fairy that heralds spring. We saw her during that really long winter. She was firing danmaku randomly then though.

    oh yeah, that was really bad~! Wait, what's a spring-heralding fairy doing here when it's not spring?

    Who knows? She won't hinder us anyway, so we might as well let her stay.

    Why's she staring at us so hard though?

    Lily White's gaze moved to each of the three instruments in turn. Merlin noticed the movement of her eyes, and snapped her fingers.

    Maybe she came here because our performance attracted her? The fun, happy and lucky Poltergeists Live could be just like a flower field in spring~.

    The only field of flowers is in your head, sister.

    If that is the case, then shall we let her listen to a special tune?

    They began another session at Lunasa's signal. Lily White happily swayed back and forth to the illusionary melodies that resounded through the sky. As soon as the performance ended, Lily White smiled and clapped.

    Wahhh~! So amazing! The music was so mysterious, it was like spring, yet somehow not!

    Ooh, so you know that our sounds are an expression of the seasons, huh? Not bad!

    Sister Lunasa's sounds give the feeling of autumn or winter, so it goes well with sister Merlin's sounds too.

    And what's your role, Lyrica? ...Anyway, thank you for the quiet and undivided attention.

    Lunasa went to shake Lily White's hand...As they did so, the girl who was so energetic just a second ago was rapidly losing her vitality.


    H-Hey, what's wrong?

    Lunasa let go of her hand in a panic, and the color suddenly returned to Lily White's face.




    Merlin went up to Lily White and gave her a hug. As she did so, Lily White's expression began to grow even brighter.

    Spring~, it feels like spring~!

    Merlin let Lily White go, and she seemed to return to relative normalcy.


    My turn!

    Lyrica held Lily White around the waiste tightly. But if there was any change, it wasn't noticable.

    Huh? What're you doing?

    Hey! Why am I the only one who doesn't get any reaction!?


    Another hug.


    Now me!

    Yet another hug.

    Ahahaha, it's spring, spring, spring~!

    Why you...!

    And one more hug.

    Huh? I-It hurts!

    Ahaha, she's so funny!

    Why don't you react to me~!

    ...I see, this really is quite amusing.

    Sister, should we invite her to join us?

    Invite her to that? But she's a fairy, right? Can she really fight?

    She sure knows how to spread danmaku around, so it should e fine, I guess? Hey, do you want to play with us? It's not spring, so you have time, right?

    Ehh, but...I don't know...


    Yeah, let's play~! I'll sned lots of spring bullets to everyone~!

    Alright, let's beat them up with spring!

    ...My my.

    And that was how the out-of-season spring-heralding fairy Lily White was half-forced to join the battle.

    Lily White has joined Hakugyokurou Hades.


    The usually noisy Yakumo residence was undergoing a period of calm that hadn't been seen in a long time. Yukari had been very active, but she was taking a nap now, and Ran took the opportunity to wash some clothes.

    Ran: It's always best to wash when the weather is good. Lady Yukari's futon needs to be aired soon too...The next time she's out, perhaps. Really, Lady Yukari's only enthusiastic when she's plotting something like now. It's fine if it's not a bother to anyone...But that's what it has been.

    Ran sighed lightly as she spread out a white sheet. She then started to look around, preparing herself for impact, but the usual parasol strikes never came. Yukari really was in a sound sleep.

    Whew...I can't even relax when she's sleeping. It's really troublesome. Well, I should enjoy this silence while it lasts.

    It was indeed silent, with only the rustling of leaves and the cry of the cicadas to provide ambiance. The gentle wind also kept the area pleasantly cooling. It was truly a calm, relaxing time.

    ...Alright, that should do it. There doesn't look to be any rain either, so they should dry out before the sun sets.

    Several freshly-washed clothes and sheets hung before her eyes...Then, an intruder brought the tranquil atmosphere to a halting end.

    ???: Lady Ran!


    A figure tackled her from behind the clothes hung to dry, knocking her off balance and onto the floor. She was ready to assume a defensive posture, but a good look quickly revealed the culprit to her.

    Chen: It's been a long time, Lady Ran! I came flying over as soon as you called!

    Oh, it's you, Chen. It was correct of you to answer my call as quickly as possible...But perhaps you can be less emphatic about it next time.

    Ah, I'm sorry! I'll get up now...


    Chen didn't realize that Ran was looking at her from above, and landed a clean hit on her chin as she stood. Ran staggered backwards a few steps, but managed to keep her balance just before it could get dangerous.

    Agh...Ugh...T-This is...!

    Wah, Lady Ran! You're amazing!

    Haah...*cough* Ch-Chen, as I said before, you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

    Yes, I'm sorry...Owww.

    Ah, Chen!? Why is your hand bleeding!? Who did that to you!?

    Wah, Lady Ran, be careful...!


    Ran had pulled Chen's hand towards her in her haste to examine the scratch, but ended up using so much force that Chen flew at her and knocked her down again. They ended up on the floor, with Chen on top of her.

    Wahhh!? Lady Ran, are you okay!?

    Ouuuch...I-I'm fine, so please get up...Guuuh!

    I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, don't die Lady Ran!!

    Agh...Y-You're strangling me...

    ...Ehh? Ahh, I-I'm sorry!!

    Chen finally got the hint from Rans' fists beating on her back, and she hurriedly let go of Ran's neck. She coughed violently as she sat up, looking around and confirming that the clothes somehow were unscathed.

    Whew, at least the clothes are fine...

    I'm so sorry~!

    It's good to be enthusiastic, but you need to learn to be more careful. Anyway, what happened to your hand?

    Well, um...The cat that you used to send me the letter scratched me.

    ...I'm sorry. It's deplorable that a cat would scratch a fellow ghost cat, though.

    Those kids wouldn't listen to what I tell them, no matter how hard I tried! Maybe I need more catnip? Ahh, that's right! Why did you call me so suddenly, Lady Ran? There wasn't anything written in the letter, so I'm still not really sure.

    Ahh, Lady Yukari told me to call you...There will be people coming to attack this place soon, so we'll need to welcome them appropriately.

    Huh, so fearless people really do exist. Too bad for them, though! With lady Ran around, we're invincible!

    You need to do your best too.


    Chen obediently nodded. It was because she was so obedient that Ran often tried not to scold her and pampered her too much. Yukari tried to point that out, but Ran still hadn't really changed that part of her.

    First of all, we'll make you nice and clean with a bath.

    Ehh!? I hate water!

    You should learn to endure this at least. If you look as dirty as this, who knows what Lady Yukari would say when she sees you...

    ???: Mm, did I hear something~?

    Ehh? Oww!

    A gap suddenly appeared above Ran's head, and a familiar parasol started to strike Ran on the head repeatedly.

    Yukari: Ran, as an owner of a shikigami, you need to teach her about personal appearance. Just like I taught you, hmm?

    Owww! G-Good morning, Lady Yukari...I'm readying the bath for her now~!

    Lady Ran~...

    Ran was not only being shameful as the master of a shikigami, but was showing that shame in front of her own master. Chen was used to such scenes and din't think much about it besides feeling pity for Ran.

    ...Things will soon get busy here. Hopefully that girl has...changed a little since. ...Hehe, this shall be fun.

    A tiny smile grew on her face.


    Turn: 57
    Ouki: 15019
    Ryumaku: 66/111
    Actions Available: 3

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 27 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Faintly Dark Path
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Entrance
    Defense: 180/180
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Border
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Interior
    Defense: 210/210
    cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Road of Reconsideration
    Defense: 190/190
    Cost to Develop: 30 RES

    Defense: 215/215
    Cost to Develop: 6 RES

    Human Village
    Defense: 150/310
    Cost to Develop: 30 RES

    Garden of the Sun
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 21

    Nameless Hill
    Defense: 205/205
    Cost to Develop: 6

    Misty Lake
    Defense: 225/225
    Cost to Develop: 6

    SDM Gate
    Defense: 230/230
    Cost to Develop: 6

    Great Library
    Defense: 195/195
    Cost to Develop: 12

    Clock Tower
    Defense: 210/210
    Cost to Develop: 9

    SDM Top Floor
    Defense: 225/225
    Cost to Develop: 9

    Enemy Territories:

    Lost Bamboo Forest
    Army: Eientei Forest
    General: Reisen Udongein Inaba
    Defense: 205/205

    Army: Eientei Forest
    General: Kaguya Houraisan (leader)
    Defense: 230/230

    Blossoms Barrier
    Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
    General: Prismriver Sisters
    Defense: 220/220

    Hakugyokurou Stairs
    Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
    General: Youmu Konpaku
    Defense: 200/200

    Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
    General: Yuyuko Saigyouji (leader)
    Defense: 235/235

    Yakumo Residence
    Army: Yakumo Clan
    General: Yukari Yakumo (leader)
    Defense: 310/310

    Special Events:

    War Declaration: Yakumo Clan
    Costs 10 NEG to declare war.


    The SDM cast are awesome, but who shall we recruit? And since we only have 4 more open slots left in our party...who shall we drop if we want more than 4 new characters?

    Also, lots of new items are available now at the store.

    So...Who's the game's biggest woobie? Reisen? Letty? Flandre? Medicine? Or someone who hasn't shown up yet?
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