I haven't participated in them because they frankly bore me.

However, I note that the forum staff will now lock such threads on site, whether they are 'veiled', 'thinly veiled' or 'not thinly veiled at all'.

So I'm going to ask, for my own clarification: What exactly constitutes a 'morally justified' thread? I'm asking because I don't want to inadvertently start one or turn an existing thread into a "thinly veiled" one.

Yes, I suppose I could read all the locked threads, which would take several hours, and that would only give me a *guess*. I would prefer to be *told* exactly what guidelines the mod team uses in this decision, so I don't cross them.

I'm sure you understand my confusion; arguments over alignment are the single hottest topic on these forums, as people try to narrow down exactly where on the alignment spectrum a particular character falls. I need to know when a typical argument over alignment has spilled over into "morally justified" territory.

Many thanks for your assistance!


Brian P.