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Thread: "Morally justified" threads

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    I think that he's referring to this, this, andthis. Apparently there is a moratorium on discussing the alignment of a specific action in the comic:

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Staff
    At this time, we have a moratorium on threads whose sole discussion point is whether a certain character was "morally justified" in taking a certain action in the comic. Please do not start new topics to discuss such issues.
    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Staff
    Didn't we put a moratorium on "Is X action morally justified?" threads. I think we did. Yes, we definitely did.

    Whatever point this thread had to begin with, it has long since become, "Was Haley/Belkar morally justified in escaping?"

    Good thing you posted this, too, because I had no idea that this was disallowed. Seems pretty clear cut, though. I think the reason it was called "thinly veiled" was because it started off by "reminding" the person of "Tarquin's Atrocities" rather than straight out saying that they wanted to talk about Tarquin's alignment.
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